Marcos Frangos

Marcos Frangos is a constellations counsellor, working with individuals 1-1, couples, with groups on workshops/retreats and also with organisations.

During his work as a person-centred counsellor he became aware that talking-based therapies whilst sometimes really effective, can also lead to a recycling of old patterns. He prefers to explore the root cause of client’s issues, and to use a more somatic approach in other words sometimes relying on ‘all our ways of knowing’ which includes our body’s intelligence. About ten years ago he started to train in facilitating an approach using constellations.

Constellations-counselling Marcos is passionate about a whole-person approach to understanding a life and context. We can’t be viewed in isolation, we’re influenced by the many systems to which we belong: our family of origin, our work, our cultural beliefs, spiritual or religious practices, our ancestral heritage and more. His work is about helping his clients to understand these relationships, the loyalties and unconscious dynamics. When we start to see things as they truly are, not as we’d like them to be, or were told they should be, we become freer to make conscious choices in life and work. Marcos trained for two years as a facilitator of family & organisational constellations, in Oxford with an organisation called Core Constellations, Theory & Practice.


What Marcos can help with

  • Working with individuals: relationship problems, chronic health issues, bereavement, burn out, stress issues; specialism in front line NHS careers, change, redundancy, career transitions; life coaching, anxiety and depression, men at mid-life transitions, trans-generational health patterns or traumas
  • With couples: relationship problems, co-parenting, separation, divorce, patchwork families; life transitions, mixed-heritage partnerships/families

What you will leave with after a constellations counselling session. Marcos conclude every session with ‘what next’ agreement. Together you'll reflect on insights and agree on some homework to agree the habits, patterns and  behaviours that you'll focus on in between sessions. The idea being that you're continually reinforcing new positive habits and ways of relating.

How Marcos is working with clients during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Sessions can still take place via telephone, Skype or Zoom - click here for further information.

Marcos is still able to offer sessions during the COVID-19 outbreak using telephone, Zoom or Skype.  To find out more click here.

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Marcos Frangos

Constellations Counsellor

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