Due to the Coronavirus crisis, Marcos has moved his work Online:

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, Marcos has moved his work Online:
Marcos has been working online since the start of COVID-19 lockdown. He will resume face to face sessions gradually as soon as it’s safe to do so, probably late summer 2020. Before you book a session with Marcos, he'll have a brief phone call to determine which method suits best: he is offering sessions via Skype and Zoom or a simple telephone call. Tuesdays continue to be his main working day with the Practice, however to create more capacity and flexibility, he has also opened spaces on Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.
How Constellations work online

Over the past couple of months Marcos has been pleased that it’s been effective exploring client issues through Constellations Counselling online. Yes, it is different to working face to face, but clients are nevertheless reporting they’re receiving positive benefits.
Choose a safe space to hold the conversation where you won’t get interrupted, and there aren’t too many background noises. It’s helpful if the space is large enough to move around in. As this is work in which Marcos is interested in your whole-body experience of life, sometimes he might ask you to get up and move to a different position, for example to feel what it may be like to stand in another possibility of life.

Rather than use floor markers that Marcos normally provides, simply bring a few objects to hand that can be placed on the table in front of you, held in your hand.

 A video call (Zoom or Skype) is great as that means you can see one another and it’s often possible to position the camera on your device so that Marcos can see you, as well as the ‘representative’ objects you’re working with. Bring some everyday objects about 6 or 7: e.g. coffee mugs with handles, cushions, Playmobil or other figures, rocks or stones, sea shells. The objects ideally need to have a feature that gives them some directionality, i.e. we know which way they’re ‘facing’.
Find out more about constellations counselling:
Sessions last 50 minutes for 1-1 work, 1.5 -2 hours for couples work. You can read more about how Marcos works here.

In response to COVID-19 and such unprecedented times causing anxiety, stress and emotional worry, we wish to support as many clients as possible. We’re making two offers:

  • Marcos is offering a free 15-20 minute conversation over the phone. You can find out about how his work, share what you’re seeking through counselling, and decide next steps together. A next step might be…
  • Marco’s free Intake constellation sessions: this means the first intake session will be free and without obligation (you’ll be emailed a pre-intake questionnaire to complete before the intake session, to be returned to the Natural Practice)

Before you book a session, you’ll agree with Marcos how you’ll work online. Marco’s telephone number is 07881 425804, and email: <mailto:marcos@wellspringchange.com> . You’ll also need to let Marcos have back-up phone numbers and/or your Skype address.
Payment is made by the client after the session, payments can be made over the phone, by credit or debit card - either telephone Reception on 01962 856310 or they will contact you.