Constellations counselling online

17 months ago by Marcos Frangos

Since I moved my Constellations counselling work online at the start of lockdown, I’ve been grateful to my clients for taking the leap of faith in our mutual ability to translate to an online environment. It’s meant learning new technologies and getting used to the nuanced differences working online compared to being in the same therapy room face-to-face.
What’s deeply gratifying is that we have been able to maintain an emotional depth and safety of work, and sense of inter-connection around the issues we’re working on.
The technology we’re using is Zoom or Skype, both seem to be working well, and some clients have shown enormous creativity in constellating from home. Here are some of the ways it’s been working:

  • Mostly we’ll be speaking with one another online, sitting directly in front of our screens.
  • When we choose to do a constellation, it’s been easy for my clients to bring a few ‘representative’ objects to the session to explore an issue from several perspectives
  • We’ve found ways to keep those objects in view on the screen, or sometimes my clients simply hold an object in their hands as we unravel the dynamics of a system.
  • What’s also proven helpful if their space allows it, is people can physically experience different possibilities of an issue by standing in different parts of their room, with me facilitating within earshot, and also seeing my client on my screen. 

If you’d like to get in touch, during lockdown and COVID-19, Marcos is offering a Free 15-20 minute phone call if you’d like to find out more about Constellations counselling and if it could be helpful to you. In some cases Marcos is also offering a Free 50minute online intake session too. Find out how to contact Marcos and arrange a session click here.