Marcos Frangos - Introducing myself at a party!

Picture this, I’m at a gathering with people I don’t know, I get asked the inevitable question: “so what do you do?”

“I’m a constellations counsellor…” (sometimes followed by a pause or a curious look!)….

You mean astrology, star signs, that kind of thing?”.

I reply…“Not exactly…”.

This is a critical point in the conversation. In the next few seconds I either capture their imagination, or “nice meeting you, I’ll just get a drink…”

So, in the hope you’ve stuck around, here’s a little more about the work I’m passionate about offering at The Natural Practice.

I work as a constellations counsellor with my clients to understand their lives as a whole person, using our intuitive knowing, our bodies, and my client’s life stories. We look at the issues my client’s seeking to improve in the context of their wider life, exploring the ‘emotional geography’ of the systems they belong to: family of origin, ancestry, cultural heritage, their own family or children, experiences from their work or career etc.

We use constellations as a technique to reveal layer by layer of context doing so using both our thinking as well as our body’s intuitive wisdom. This helps my client understand their familial and sometimes unconscious patterns. It’s like starting with more of a 2-dimensional picture and building layers to achieve a 3-dimensional perspective. This brings acceptance and understanding of why things are the way they are. That’s an important first step.

With this understanding I support my clients to make more conscious and empowered choices for a healthier and more fully expressed life. What sorts of issues do I work with? Well, almost anything. For a summary of what people bring to this work click here (Insert link to MF’s TNP practitioners page). 

I really hope I’ve whet your appetite, and if you’d like to read more, my article provides further detail or you can get in touch here.