Homeopathy UK Charity Clinic Has Moved

Since the start of 2020 the Natural Practice has hosted a free charity clinic offering homeopathic consultations. This was set up with the charity Homeopathy-UK https://homeopathy-uk.org which provides a number of free clinics across the UK. The clinic has been staffed by Tim Foster, and since its inception, has been supported by the Natural Practice team. The Natural Practice has provided consulting space, reception and administrative support, and professional support for the clinic and enabled it to flourish.

Now, after four years operating from the Natural Practice, the Homeopathy-UK charity clinic is moving to a new home in central Winchester. From April 2024, the Homeopathy-UK clinic will be based at the Friends’ Meeting House, 16 Colebrook Street, Winchester, SO23 9LH https://winchester.quakermeeting.org and will generally take place on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Tim Foster writes:

“I am so grateful to the Natural Practice staff and practitioners for their generosity in providing a home for the Homeopathy-UK free clinic for the last four years. The skilled reception team has provided a kind and efficient service to all the patients that have sought help through the charity clinic, and has made sure that the service has run as smoothly as possible. As a practitioner, I have been greatly helped by the culture of clinical support that the Natural Practice has offered. I hope that my Homeopathy-UK patients will find the free clinic’s new setting in the Friends’ Meeting House very suitable.”

With the Homeopathy-UK clinic’s move, patients will need to book their appointments through the Homeopathy-UK website https://homeopathy-uk.org or by telephoning the charity on 020236405903.

The clinic is staffed by Dr Tim Foster. Homeopathy UK has set up a number of clinics around the country all offering cost free homeopathic consultations to help to improve access to homeopathy. Patients using the clinic can have an initial consultation with Dr Foster and up to four follow up consultations if needed. There is no charge for the consultations and the first prescription of any remedy prescribed is paid for by Homeopathy UK. Any further prescriptions will be charged to the patient by the homeopathic pharmacy. Homeopathy UK is a charity and patients using the clinic are very welcome to make a contribution to the charity if they wish.

The Homeopathy UK clinic at the only offers homeopathy with a limited number of follow up appointments and does not duplicate the more comprehensive services offered by the other medical homeopaths at The Natural Practice who all offer a much wider range of services as integrative medicine practitioners.

More details of the clinic can be found on the Homeopathy UK website: Homeopathy UK