4 days ago

The benefits of supportive colleagues

I sometimes talk about the psychological wounds I’ve picked up as part of my professional journey eg.

5 days ago

Emotional Trauma and the Physical Effects on the Body

Any situation that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frightened or helpless can result in a trauma, even if it doesn’t involve a threat to life or physical harm.

11 days ago

Hidden Treasures

‘The cave we fear to enter holds the treasures we seek.

2 months ago

Dr Katya Mishanina's extended leave and London Clinic Move

Dr Katya Mishanina will be taking a 12 month career break from 9th June, 2022.

3 months ago

Dr David Owen speaks at the Richard Hughes Memorial Lecture

Dr David Owen had the privilege of giving the 2022 Richard Hughes Memorial Lecture to the Faculty of Homeopathy and guests on the future of homeopathic and holistic medicine.

3 months ago

Homeopathy UK Charity Clinic News

Since the start of 2020 The Natural Practice has hosted a free homeopathy service, run in conjunction with Homeopathy-UK.

6 months ago

Dr Ruth Dyson becomes a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr Ruth Dyson has gained her Lifestyle Medicine qualification and is now a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician.

7 months ago

Christmas and New Year Opening Times

The Natural Practice and Dispensary will close for the Christmas and New Year holiday on Thursday 23rd December at 4 pm.

7 months ago

New Year, New You? Taking a Lifestyle Medicine approach to improve your health

As we look towards the festive season (and the over-excesses that sometimes results in) Dr Dyson is finding out how you can improve your health by taking an Integrated Lifestyle...

7 months ago

Reflections on Covid: A Trojan horse with a twist?

As a GP and homeopath and new member to the team at The Natural Practice, I bridge the gap between different ways of thinking about health and illness.

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