Visits to the Natural Practice

From time to time we receive enquiries from various medical professionals (medical students, pharmacists, doctors and others) about visits or shadowing at the practice. We are passionate about spreading the word about integrated health and complementary therapies and welcome such enquiries. We accommodate visits where possible.

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We are interested in collaboration with other healthcare professionals in order to provide the best service for our patients. If you would like to refer a patient or inform us about your service(s), please get in touch. Whenever we get patient’s consent, we will keep their GP/consultants and other health care professionals updated.

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Teaching and Public speaking

The doctors and other practitioners at the Natural practice have teaching on various topics including integrated health, complementary medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, osteopathy , self-development, clinical pathology to name a few. Dr Ridsdale, Dr Owen and Dr Mishanina regularly contribute to international homeopathy conferences. Please see practitioners’ profiles for more information or make an enquiry.

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Dr Owen has been influential in the field of introducing clinical supervision for doctors in practice, exploring and supporting doctors to learn from cases that they find most challenging. For his publications on this topic, please see the next section.

Appraisals for medical doctors

Dr Ridsdale conducts appraisals for the general practitioners and members of the faculty of homeopathy.  Dr Owen is a Responsible Officer of the Faculty of Homeopathy.


David Owen has edited a leading textbook on homeopathic medicine - The Principles and Practice of Homeopathy. He has also written about his journey into a more holistic complementary medical approach to patient care in Passionate Medicine. He contributed a chapter "The 'Ah ha" moment" to the book Passionate supervision. Together with Robert Shoher he edited a book Clinical Supervision in the Medical Professional.  Dr Ridsdale contributed a chapter "The supervisee's perspective" to this book. Together, Dr David Owen and Dr Ridsdale updated Andrew Lockie's Enclyclopaedia of Homeopathy, published by Dorling Kindersley. Dr Mishanina published in the peer-reviewed journals (Canadian Medical Association Journal and Reproductive Health) on induction of labour and effective reporting of medical evidence. If you would like to purchase these books, please contact dispensary.

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Working with organisations

Dr Owen works with groups, organisations and teams looking at issues that impact on their wellbeing and performance.  As such, he works as both a supervisor and a coach for teams of people who are interested in understanding the processes that underlie their optimum functioning in their relationship with each other within the team and organisation. This work helps individuals to understand how the behaviour of an organisation or team influences the products and services they provide.

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