Homeopathy is a treatment using natural remedies and is based on the principle of treating ‘like with like” i.e., a substance taken in small amounts will treat the symptoms it causes if taken in much larger amounts. Following a consultation a correctly selected homeopathic remedy is prescribed to match the individual as well as the complaint.

Homeopathy, practiced by medical doctors at our Central London, Winchester, Chichester, Oxford, Bournemouth and Basingstoke practices, can benefit patients of all ages and members of the family suffering from a wide range of complaints. Complementary and alternative medicine is sometimes referred to as natural or integrated medicine or integrative health.

A rigorous audit of patients consulting for homeopathic treatment was conducted at the British Homeopathic Hospital and published in the Journal for Alternative and Complementary Medicine Volume 11, Number 5 2005 Page 793-798. It states that "homeopathic medicine is a system of therapeutics that appears to work by stimulating the body's auto regulatory mechanism using micro doses of toxins". It conclusions were that "homeopathic intervention offered positive changes to a substantial proportion of a large cohort of patients with a wide range of chronic diseases". The study makes the point that "outcomes studies of homeopathic treatment for chronic disease from hospital outpatient departments have shown positive trends, as have some out patients studies in primary care settings. The study results show that homeopathic treatment is a valuable intervention".

A number of different research studies have been conducted into homeopathy although this is predominantly a treatment approach that both is a treatment of the patient rather than a particular medical condition. Interestingly, an article in Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Volume 5 suggested that there was a publication bias against homeopathy listed in main stream journals. This means that many conventional main stream journalists report negative studies more frequently than they occur in Complementary and Alternative Medicine journals. You may like to look at the medical condition we describe on our website but please bear in mind, much of homeopathic medicine is focused on the whole person and not a particular condition.

Homeopaths at The Natural Practice have not only completed a 6 year conventional medical training, they have also completed a 3 year post-graduate training in homeopathic medicine and are all members of The Faculty of Homeopathy (www.trusthomeopathy.org), the governing body for homeopathy in the UK.

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