The Natural Practice's London clinic is now situationed at 87 Duke Street, London W1K 5PQ (within the Nelsons Pharmacy premised).

Click here for map.  Nearest tube stations Bond Street or Oxford Circus.

Medical Homeopath, Dr David Owen took over the practice from Prof. George Lewith in January 2011.  Dr Owen runs a clinic with medical treatment services there on Mondays and is happy to see patients who would normally consult with them about medical health care at other Natural Practice locations, who perhaps travel up to Central London to work and find the London location more convenient.

Practitioner at the London Practice

  • Integrated Medicine

Dr David Owen MBBS MRCS CRCP FFHom - Physician (Integrated Medicine)

Dispensary: Tel: 01962 858227

Reception & Appointments:  Tel: 01962 856310



87 Duke Street, London W1K 5PQ. Nearest tube stations Oxford Circus or Bond Street.


Dr David Owen

Physician (Integrated Medicine)

Medical Director


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