Constellation Counselling

If you’re new to constellations work, read Marco’s blogs about what they are and how they work. It comes from family systemic therapy.  Alternatively, read Marcos's article here.

In constellations counselling we explore aspects of a whole system, i.e. going beyond what might be the more obvious presenting issues. We look at the significance of family or wider systemic issues. What we’re seeking to achieve is a richer 3-dimensional view of the client’s relational world – to reveal patterns, underlying causes, systemic loyalties. These help clients take steps towards healthier and more choice-full lives.

What might an individual session look like:

Marcos uses a variety of techniques to physically map and explore his client’s world: he normally starts seated (as he take some history), then you will begin some constellations work, sometimes using everyday objects, e.g. coffee mugs, or he invites his clients to sit in different chairs to experience differing perspectives. He also uses felt floor markers to physically map the emotional geography in the practice room, and ‘represents’ different people in the scene. Lego figures can also be used.

Sessions & fees: For individuals:

  • Intake session:
    • An exploratory session (50 minutes): Marcos starts with going through the Intake questionnaire that you’ll have completed beforehand, and he'll spend 10 minutes discussing any additional relevant family and life background.
    • You'll then spend 30 minutes looking at what you’re looking to achieve with this work, which will most likely involve some constellations work
    • Final 10 minutes: explore next steps as appropriate
    • Agree next steps: subsequent sessions & frequency. Cost £75[i] per session
  • Subsequent sessions (50 minutes): we contract to work in blocks of 5 or 10 sessions, spaced approximately 3 weeks apart. Reviews are built in after every 5 sessions. £90 per session.
  • Double appointments also possible (100 minutes) cost £175; this can be helpful for more complex issues, or if you’re travelling some distance, or this patterns suits the work better.

Sessions & fees: With couples:

  • Intake session: exploratory session (100 minutes):
    • individual session with each partner (30 minutes each). Broadly this breaks down as: 10 minutes on family/life/background; 20 minutes exploring reason for the work.
    • Same for 2nd
    • Finally, 40 minutes working with the couple, allowing 10 minutes at end for contracting for future sessions (block of 5 sessions).
  • Subsequent sessions; normally double appointments with the couple, (can be blend of single/double appointments dependent on client availability, or a mix of 1-1 /couples work). Please speak to Reception for current fees.

As with 1-1 work, the last part of each session you'll explore the ‘homework’, i.e. insights, the main topics for resolution, the ‘keystone’ behaviours to move the couple forward positively.