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Relaxation - Why do I have to work so hard to find it?

A lot of us are feeling more stressed at the moment.  Using imagery and concentration to help with relaxation has a long tradition of managing stress.  We thoug you might like to try one or both of the following pocasts which we would like to make more widely available for free.  These were originally put together and released on cassette?  Written by Dr Owen and a colleague Sharon Zolper, who worked at the practice 30 years ago.  they still have the ability to calm you down and relax you.  Both are about 20 minutes long.  Part 1 is a self-hypnosis relaxation exercise that can be done sitting or lying and so can help if you are struggling with sleep.  Do let us know how you get on with these.

Inner Relaxation Part 1

Inner Relaxation Part 2