General Lifestyle Advice

This is general advice and if you feel there are particular issues around your susceptibility or lifestyle that needs addressing please email the practice with brief details and we will advise who you might talk to. As a general rule:

  • Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated
  • Eat whole and fresh foods where possible, avoiding too many highly refined and sugary foods
  • Exercise regularly (whilst following guidelines)
  • Stop unhealthy habits like smoking, vaping or drinking excess alcohol or excess caffeine.
  • Attend to your sleep hygiene - try to sleep regular hours
  • Get out in the daylight regularly to boost vitamin D levels
  • Attend to keeping a positive mental attitude and avoid excess exposure or dwelling on your own or others negative attitudes and stresses. Find time to laugh and enjoy those things you can - like wonderful spring flowers.
  • Take time to identify what is really important to you and give these things time - whether its personal reflection, communication with others, relaxation or your spiritual practice.

The general advice is fairly self-directed, although we always consider individualised lifestyle advice as part of any review offering specific advice on diet, maintaining mental health and a good sleep pattern. We work closely as a team of practitioners in offering this advice.