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Why choose The Natural Practice

Group Practice

We draw on the team expertise and help you choose the best indicated approach for individual needs.

Doctor Led

We work with people of different ages presenting with a wide range of acute and chronic conditions and specialise in natural management options.

35 Years of Experience

Having first opened in Winchester in 1987, the Natural Practice is now a well-established practice with 12 practitioners, 6 different locations and an in-house dispensary.

Personal Care Package

We recognise that everyone is unique and therefore work together with the patients to create an individualised management plan to restore optimal health.

Meet the Practitioners

Dr Patricia Ridsdale

Physician (Integrated Medicine)

Dr Katya Mishanina

Physician (Integrated Medicine)

Dr Iwona Pogoda

Physician (Hormonal Health)

Dr David Owen

Physician (Integrated Medicine)

Medical Director

Dr Tim Foster

Medical Homeopath

Dr Ruth Dyson

Medical Hypnotherapist

Dr Ruolin Sun

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Ruth Taylor

Nutritional Therapist

Christina Edwards


Mark Stockwell


Pat Maguire

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

Jane Pearce


Marcos Frangos

Constellations Counsellor

Clinic Locations

The Winchester practice is the hub of the Natural Practice.
Alternative practitioners, reception, dispensary and managerial staff all work at the Winchester practice.
Integrated medical doctors see clients in person in 6 different locations.
Follow up consultations with the doctors can also be arranged via Skype, facetime and telephone.

Latest News

5 days ago

Hypnotherapy Sessions During the COVID-19 Outbreak

A message from Dr Ruth Dyson regarding hypnotherapy sessions: "I hope you are keeping well both physically and mentally during this difficult time.

13 days ago

Virtual Clinic

To reduce the risk of spreading of the coronavirus, where we can, we have switched to virtual consulting.

18 days ago

Coping with anxiety related to Coronavirus

Article written by Dr Katya   The panic around the outbreak of coronavirus is spreading faster than the virus itself.

20 days ago

Covid-19 - Practice Update

During this challenging time period when we are working to understand and contain the COVID-19, Coronavirus, we are closely monitoring the situation at our practices and taking proactive steps as...

Patient Testimonials

"Dr Ridsdale has helped more than any other doctor or other medical/well-being practitioner ever has. I've had a lot of issues to deal with from childhood traumas and experiences and they've never been fully dealt with in a way that I can feel in control of them and myself. Holistic treatment from Dr Ridsdale has allowed me to finally deal with these issues head-on and move forward from them, taking control of my life. I'm now so confident in myself I'm doing things I never possible before. I cannot thank her enough and would recommend her treatment to anyone!"

"Conventional medication never agreed with me. In 1982, following a recommendation from a friend, I decided to try consulting a homeopathic doctor. Since then I have not looked back. I am 94 years old and feel to be in good health despite a set back with a broken hip earlier this year. I am able to enjoy life and love going out for meals, shopping and the theatre. I am grateful to Dr Katya and all the staff, past and present. " Beryl Beech

"I was in a car accident 2 years ago and have tried every therapy under the sun for the pain and movement restrictions it caused. Physio, massage, sports massage, exercises, strength retraining - nothing worked and I thought I would be in pain forever. However, after receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr Sun, relief was IMMEDIATE and after a full course of treatment, my full movement was restored and I now no longer feel the pain that had been constant since the accident. I can't recommend acupuncture enough! And Dr Sun is an expert. No pain from needle insertion and no pain from an accident I can now fully put behind me. Worth every penny."

"Coming to see Dr Ridsdale has been extremely helpful and well worth the energy, time and financial outlay. Homeopathic remedies together with acupuncture have helped enormously."

"I have used the integrated medical approach to my health all my adult life. I believe in prevention rather than cure to stay healthy. So many factors can affect your health that I prefer to see a doctor that treats your whole body rather than just one or two symptoms. So many times we are given drugs that don't address our whole body's needs resulting in other problems.

Operations and prescribed drugs can all affect your body so I believe it's beneficial to consult a doctor who is a GP wo also knows about complementary medicine. Although we can all go on the internet I prefer to consult a qualified GP to make sure what I am taking correctly balances my body.

I have found Dr David Owen to be an excellent GP who combines that knowledge with his extensive knowledge in complementary medicines. He listens to you and then treats you as a person, not a symptom. As you talk to him it is as though the computer inside his head is coming up with the solution for your particular needs.

I came across homeopathy in my early 20s when I found a book belonging to a grandparent who had passed away. In my 20s I had various problems - asthma plus I was told to have my tonsils out, but visiting an integrated physician sorted both those problems.

I have had breast cancer twice, which I believe could be down to having lots of x-rays as a child and in my early teens. I don't want to risk my health by stopping taking Tamoxifen; David Owen advises me on what I need to do to minimise the side effects." Patient: Susan Sanderson

"Dr Katya has helped me enormously. Her practical support and understanding of the problem has put me on the road to recovery. She is thorough in her medical analysis and explanation of the issues and course of treatment as well as being warm and compassionate. My mum and I feel that we were lucky to be directed towards her. " Patient: Name withheld.

"I've had a monthly massage for over 25 years and when my practitioner retired I was lucky enough to find Pat. She gives a good strong session and I'm very lucky to have found her".

Julia Sandison

"Dr Katya has given me a range of tools to better explain my feelings so I am able to ask for the right support from others. I have also been taught about my inner child and how to be more aware of her needs which has improved my happiness and confidence."