Integrated Medicine


Our medical approach has developed over years of experience and is based on principles under pinning complementary medicine but informed by conventional, integrated, lifestyle, functional and ecological medicine. It is normal to get confused in these terms but if it is important to you to better understand our approach then we draw out the main principles behind our approach here:

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Whole person medicine

We view each individual as physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual beings who are connected to communities and societies. All these dimensions of life are relevant to health and wellbeing. Their recognition is essential for disease management.

Root causes of disease

We recognise that various external factors such as nutrition, environment (e.g. exposure to toxins, allergens unsatisfactory relationships, work and family) and internal influences (such as disturbed gut bacteria, hypersensitivity, inflammation, biochemical disturbances, or emotional trauma) are of key importance in causing and maintaining disease. We identify the underlying cause through detailed history taking, examination and where necessary laboratory investigations. 

Lifestyle medicine

Health or disease results from interactions between genes and all aspects of lifestyle and environment, including diet, physical activity, rest, sunshine exposure, fresh air and sleep, life stressors, the quality of relationship and work. Together with the patient we aim to optimise and individualise these aspects for optimal wellbeing.

Doctor-patient relationship

We recognise that developing this therapeutic relationship in a safe atmosphere is critical when helping someone restore good health. We intend to listen carefully and empathically, provide continuity of care, involve you in agreeing an individualised management plan and respect your choices.

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The natural healing ability

We believe that the body has an innate capacity for healing. The primary goal of our management is to support, facilitate and augment that innate capacity. We may focus on supporting the body's various pathways of excretion and detoxification, trying to reduce the overall body burden of pollutants.

Mind-body connection

Recent research into psychoneuroimmunology showed powerful interactions among the brain, mind, body, and behaviour. We invite our patients to view the illness as an opportunity for personal growth and transformation and guide with them to enhance their capacity for self-knowledge and self-care.

Holistic approach to management

We may use conventional and/or complementary medicines/therapies with the aim to care for the patient as a whole. Some interventions may include dietary changes, nutritional supplements, herbal, homeopathic medicines, acupuncture, psychological techniques.

Multidisciplinary approach

We recognise the benefit of multidisciplinary approach and may recommend other professionals with the necessary expertise in certain cases. We appreciate the importance of communication amongst health care practitioners involved in your care and will communicate with them with your permission.

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