Dr David Owen


Dr David Owen has been practicing medicine and integrated complementary and alternative medicine for 30 years. From his training he became aware of the limitations of conventional approaches for many patients and their illnesses and he became committed to exploring different therapeutic systems to help patients in their self-healing. He says: ‘If you think of a patient’s journey into illness it sometimes happens over a number of years, in some ways the healing process has to be a reverse of this and it can take a tenth of the time the patient has been ill to recover.

David Owen is a past president of the Faculty of Homeopathy, the professional organisation for doctors and health professionals working with Homeopathy and was co-founder of the holistic physicians’ training group, a course for training doctors and vets in homeopathy and complementary medicine.

David has spent much time working towards the integration of different approaches to healthcare. He was asked to speak about this and his view of where this is going for The Faculty of Homeopathy. To listen to his short You Tube clip, click here

He has much experience of teaching and over a number of years had been contributing to the training of doctors at the Medical School in Southampton University where he was, up until the end of 2018,  a Principle Clinical Teaching Fellow one day a week.

David Owen has edited a leading textbook on homeopathic medicine (The Principles and Practice of Homeopathy. He has written about his journey into a more holistic complementary medical approach to patient care in Passionate Medicine (Robin Shohet. 2005 Jessica Kingsley Publishers) and has been influential in the field of introducing clinical supervision for doctors in practice, exploring and supporting doctors to learn from cases that they find most challenging.He has contributed to Clinical Supervision in the Medical Profession (2012 Open University Press).

David comments that a good medical consultation is therapeutic in its own right and has seen much evidence for patients obtaining dramatic results from complementary medicines that he is committed to making more widely available.

He is a longstanding member of the British Society of Environmental Medicine which brings together his interest in nutritional medicine along with allergies and sensitivities to food, chemicals and inhalants. He works with many patients with these sensitivities.

He says: ‘it is truly remarkable that the right homeopathic remedy when supported with appropriate nutritional herbal remedies for organ and tissue support can shift chronic or longstanding illness which falls away from patient and you observe their journey into wellbeing’.

David recently received the Faculty of Homeopathy's President's Cup for lifetime contributions to homopathy. He was also recently awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education from the Unviersity of Winchester.

David is married with four children and enjoys tennis, windsurfing, sailing and walking the dog.

Patient Testimonials

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Fabulous treatment

Arthritis is a good example of a group of conditions where an holistic approach can be very helpful.

Arthritis literally means inflammation ("itis") of the joint ("arthro") but the word is colloquially used and extended to include all sorts of joint, bone and even muscle arches and pains. Unless you are very clear on the type of arthritis and the cauuse as a factor, it is best to have an assessment in relation to an holistic approach. Examples of treatments used by the doctors at the practice are nutritional and acupuncture treatments for fibromyalgia; dietary, nutritional and homeopathic treatments for rheumatoid arthritis; lifestyle and manipulation treatment for degenerative arthritis.

Often patients who present with inflammatory arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis, will also have pensitivities and allergies.

Jo Smith

"I have used the integrated medical approach to my health all my adult life. I believe in prevention rather than cure to stay healthy. So many factors can affect your health that I prefer to see a doctor that treats your whole body rather than just one or two symptoms. So many times we are given drugs that don't address our whole body's needs resulting in other problems.

Operations and prescribed drugs can all affect your body so I believe it's beneficial to consult a doctor who is a GP wo also knows about complementary medicine. Although we can all go on the internet I prefer to consult a qualified GP to make sure what I am taking correctly balances my body.

I have found Dr David Owen to be an excellent GP who combines that knowledge with his extensive knowledge in complementary medicines. He listens to you and then treats you as a person, not a symptom. As you talk to him it is as though the computer inside his head is coming up with the solution for your particular needs.

I came across homeopathy in my early 20s when I found a book belonging to a grandparent who had passed away. In my 20s I had various problems - asthma plus I was told to have my tonsils out, but visiting an integrated physician sorted both those problems.

I have had breast cancer twice, which I believe could be down to having lots of x-rays as a child and in my early teens. I don't want to risk my health by stopping taking Tamoxifen; David Owen advises me on what I need to do to minimise the side effects." Patient: Susan Sanderson

"Excellent help with thyroid issues plus associated adrenal/sugar problems. Very sympathetic; Dr Owen is extremely knowledgeable across different modalities. Highly recommended and very happy with the whole practice!"

Pam Gregory

"The treatment received has made a considerable difference to the quality of my life over the past 15 years."

Name withheld

"Splendid fact packed lectures that I find extremely useful in understanding your theory missing in my consultations with you.

They complement one to one consultations superbly. Mainly because my individual concerns are not discussed but possible reasons for their cause.

This mornings lectures again contained excellent content. As with the previous ones I have come away with a fuller understanding of past situations. These were both stressful and difficult to understand. I now do.

Reflecting now, I came up with a suggestion which I do hope you will take as a compliment.

Prior to his death a Rabbi Lionel Blue gave thought for the day on Radio Four. His thoughts many and myself found set us up any stressful day ahead. I sense you would make an excellent if not better replacement!! More so now as this country needs positive people like you. The Rabbis best thought still recalled by my pals and myself was given during the dark depressing days of John Major. 'Now my friends a quick thought for you to recall during your day, like me everyone is suffering, well now, all good things come to an end, so do bad things'. When ever even now a bad day is had his thought is quoted still.

After your lectures I feel set up for today to better cope with what is (not pleasant at present) thrown at me, more important with new tools to cope. Thank you I look forward to the next ones."

Brian commenting on Dr Owen's recent webinar

Just writing to add our thanks to Dr Owen and colleagues for the helpful advice and support you have given during the COVID-19 emergency. We have taken up several of your suggestions. Once again, many thanks.

Ed & Sarah Rhodes