Nutitional Therapist Eve Peace joins the practice

22 months ago by Dr David Owen

I am very excited that we are now able to offer consultations with Eve Pearce who has a PhD in Medicine and is an experienced nutritional practitioner and educator who is joining the practice to work alongside our existing nutritional therapist Ruth Taylor. Initially we are offering existing patients a chance to make use of this prognostic well-being check for a combined genetic test and consultation that can be utilised either on a stand-alone basis or alongside any other treatment that you are already taking.

We can now offer meaningful genetic testing to look at susceptibility and to some extent help inform discussions, supplementation and lifestyle advice in relation to an individual’s constitution. It’s a large part of how we try to work using patients’ family history and past medical history and lifestyle but there are some exciting possibilities about how we can use genetic testing to make this better informed. The tests have been around for a while, although improving all the time but it’s the interpretation of these complex genetic “snips” that is an evolving branch of medicine in it’s own right.

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