The Natural Practice Dispensary - Why We Stock The Medicines We Do

6 years ago by Dr David Owen

The dispensary at The Natural Practice stocks several hundred different nutritional and herbal supplements and several thousand homeopathic remedies. This allows us to initiate treatment for patients and stock the best quality medicines that we know deliver what we want patients to have.

Increasingly patients are sourcing and purchasing substitute products direct online or through other outlets. Often these products sound the same but are poor imitations. We have had a number of patients coming back in who have had relapses of symptoms having switched to a cheaper high street or internet sourced remedy and when we have looked at the ingredients of the product in more detail they either have smaller quantities of the desired nutrient or herb or what is in it is either not in a form that is easily absorbed or the other ingredients block some of the absorption. For example, we recently had a patient with adrenal fatigue who was doing very well with Adrenomax, a nutritional herbal complex that we prescribe. However, when the patient sourced an alternative it turned out it had very little of the B Vitamin contained in the product that is important for supporting the adrenal.

We provide a personal, speedy and efficient service for patients and want to continue doing so. When you require a repeat prescription, you can telephone the dispensary on 01962 858227 or send an email to and the staff will be happy to post out supplements and remedies to you or items can be collected from the practice.

Please think carefully before switching medicines.