Endings and new beginnings

6 months ago by Dr David Owen

Endings and new beginnings has been on my mind recently  Partly out with the old, in with the new but also some deep reflections on how health is so often linked to our ability to adjust to change.  Not just in a persons well-being but also when thinking of healthy relationships, healthy teams and even a healthy society.  How these are linked and inter related is something central to our thinking at The Natural Practice.  As part of our change at the practice we welcome two new practitioners to the team at The Natural Practice. They both bring their own individual skills but they also bring experience and knowledge that integrate into our medical team enabling the holistic assessment and treatment of patients.  Dr Dora Perger, as a medical homeopath, brings the skills of integrating conventional medical practice and experience of paediatrics with enthusiasm for and a thorough training in classical homeopathy.  Gail Dawe as a sports massage and bodywork practitioner brings with her skills not just to work on soft tissue problems but tools to help manage patients health when it's important to balance physical body work with physiological and psychological aspects of health.  I often see patients whose healing journey is an intricate interplay between working with their vitality and structural changes in their body.  It can really help a deeper understanding of illness to think of it in terms of disturbances of sensation, function and structure.  Health then involves rebalancing in and between these different parts of ourselves.