Marcos Frangos - Constellations Counselling - Working with Couples

I work with couples and have put this together as a fact sheet for anyone considering this work.

The approach looks similar to 1:1 constellations counselling work, in other words together we understand the patterns in your relationships, as a couple, and also what you individually bring into your relationship from your past (past relationships, your families of origin). We explore where those patterns belong in your wider systems, and work towards goals that you set together. It is often about choosing more vital and life-affirming patterns and finding creative ways to disrupt the less-than-helpful patterns. Where relevant we do embodied work and physically map out the family systems using constellations so we can explore visually and spatially the emotional geography of your family system.

I follow-up each session with a thematic summary of the session by email.

Sometimes we also integrate other modalities, like non-violent communication (NVC) into the counselling work. NVC is really helpful in couples work, especially as you strive to find more loving ways to express yourselves, to understand and to be understood. Communication is often at the heart of this work. We always contract at the end of a session with 'homework' practices that are designed to embed positive foundations.

The intake session is 1hr 40 minutes (2 fifty-minute sessions back-to-back). See page 2 for an indicative way we structure our time.

We usually start with an online call as a couple, either using Zoom or Skype before you commit to the intake session (NB: we don't use Microsoft Teams as an online counselling platform). Face-to-face appointments at The Natural Practice planned from beginning May 2021, COVID rules permitting.

Costs: for the couples intake session £165. It would entail you both completing an intake questionnaire beforehand, sharing some of your family of origin history. Also, where you each are in the relationship, what's working, what's not. Subsequent sessions: £185/session (1hr40 mins). 

Subsequent sessions are agreed at the intake appointment: we agree a batch of normally 3-5 couples sessions. Sometimes the work brings to the foreground personal material and themes that warrants a blend of 1-1s & couples work. £90/ session for 1-1s (50-minute session) 

It's important that we contract together as we go along, as the relationship changes too, and that both parties 'sign up' to the counselling journey.

If you would like to discuss couples work further, Marcos offers a (without-obligation) free 20-minute call, thereafter if you proceed, charges apply.

Structure of Intake session 1hr 40 min session

  1. Welcome, relax, settle into the session, breathing practise to ground
  2. Housekeeping, toilets, fire alarms
  3. Our agreements: Confidentiality, note-taking, supervision; ground rules, e.g. committing to the process; respect & listen; try not to interrupt. Breathe and Trust.
  4. Marcos will share about the work of constellations counselling, questions etc.
  5. An indicative first intake session (timings and flow may vary):


20 minutes together as a couple with Marcos, go through steps 1-4


Partner 1: provide some background: what brings you here, what are you seeking from this counselling, your context (intake questionnaire)


Partner 2: provide some background: what brings you here, what are you seeking from this counselling, your context (intake questionnaire)


Couple + Marcos together: explore shared goals; a glimpse of the systemic issues through constellation mapping of your family systems


12.30- 12.40

Next steps: what’s needed; frequency; blended 1-1s with couples work Homework: practices and focus for next session.




Payments can be made in full after each session has completed, if virtual TNP invoice agreed person and payments can be made via BACS, over phone via credit/debit cards. Remittance advice available.