Dr Ruth Dyson

Dr. Ruth Dyson BM, MRCGP, Dip. IBLM/BSLM, MDCH, Prac. Dip. PCMH

Dr. Ruth Dyson qualified from the University of Southampton Medical School in 2002 and completed her GP training in 2007. Through her training she developed an interest in complementary and alternative therapies and the psychological aspects of medicine. She has an ongoing interest in the complex interaction between the mind and the body and a belief in the power of the mind to help support and heal the body. Working within the NHS for nearly 20 years has given her direct experience of the complexities of chronic disease and she has sought out other tools to support her patients where conventional medicine may not always have all the answers.

She undertook the Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (MDCH) at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (www.bsch.org.uk). Her training taught her how to use hypnosis to treat a wide range of problems, both psychological and physical. She is also qualified to use hypnotherapy to support couples through pregnancy and childbirth and those who are having difficulty with fertility, having completed training using the easibirthing® technique. Click here for more information on Hypnosis for fertility and IVF. 

She has developed an interest in IBS and other gut related disorders as there is good evidence that using hypnotherapy in these conditions can be helpful. Through this work she became interested in the gut microbiome and the gut-brain axis and has gone on to undertake more training in caring for patients using an integrated medicine approach. This approach can be applied to many chronic conditions and involves focusing on nutrition, stress management, physical activity and other approaches to improve overall health and well-being.

Through her work both as a GP and as a Hypnotherapist she has come to understand that the root cause of many chronic medical conditions can be traced back to lifestyle factors and psychological stress, perhaps from past trauma or other experiences.

Dr Dyson is a certified Lifestyle Medicine physician and a member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM).  She therefore has up-to-date knowledge of the Lifestyle Medicine approach and combines this with her clinical experience as a GP.  You can book for an Ingregrated (Lifestyle) Medicine initial appointment where she will undertake a comprehensive, holistic assessment and support you to improve your health.  This includes creation of a detailed health and well-being plan - a few simple changes to take in your day-to-day routine which will really help to improve your health.  Follow up appointments last 30 minutes and are recommended to assess progress, offer support and adjust your goals as your health and well-being improves.  Please see here for more information on Lifestyle Medicine. Ruth also qualified as a Level 1 Health Coach in September 2022.

Her experience as a hypnotherapist gives her a fascinating insight into the mind-body connection and a great toolbox of skills to support people with reducing their stress, improving their sleep, reducing harmful substances and making positive health behaviour changes stick.

If you are unsure which approach is most suitable for you please book an Integrated (Lifestyle) Medicine appointment initially and if Hypnotherapy is recommended as part of your treatment this will be arranged at a follow-up appointment. If you are specifically interested in Hypnotherapy (e.g. you have been recommended to seek this approach or are looking for support to overcome a phobia, stop smoking, reduce alcohol, improve exam performance or wanting support with pregnancy/childbirth etc.) then please book directly for Hypnotherapy.

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Patient Testimonials

"It has definitely been really helpful and I really appreciate our conversations and all the thought that goes into the recording - I don't quite know how you know just the right things to say bit I'm glad that you do!!"

"I just wanted to let you know that Dr Dyson's efforts yield real results and I'm very grateful to her for all her help. Dr Dyson is a very empathic person to talk to and her voice is lovely to listen to on recordings."

“Ruth’s support in developing a well-being plan encouraged me to follow a shift in lifestyle that has been truly transformational. Her perceptive and empathetic manner all helped to show me that the small but incremental changes to diet, exercise and mindfulness all offer significant improvement to mental and physical health.”