Dr Ruth Dyson

Dr Ruth Dyson qualified from the University of  Southampton  Medical School in 2002. Throughout her training she has developed an interest in complementary and alternative therapies and the psychological aspects of medicine. She has attended training on CBT and qualified as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner in 2008, it was during this training that she first became interested in clinical hypnosis.

Once a fully qualified GP, she decided to use hypnosis to benefit her patients and undertook the Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. This taught her how to use hypnosis to treat a wide range of problems, both psychological and physical. She holds the MDCH (Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis) and is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (www.bsch.org.uk). She is also qualified to use hypnotherapy to support couples through pregnancy and childbirth and those who are having difficulty with fertility, having completed training using the  easibirthing® technique. Click here for more information on Hypnosis for fertility and IVF.

She has an ongoing interest in the complex interaction between the mind and the body and a belief in the power of the mind to help support and heal the body. This is particularly true in the area of gut disorders where there is a wealth of evidence for the use of hypnotherapy e.g. in IBS. She continues to work as a GP and maintains her medical training and skills. This background means that she is able to understand the medical aspects of a person’s condition and formulate a plan for hypnotherapy treatment/support which can work alongside conventional treatment. She is keen to interest the next generation of doctors in the medical use of hypnotherapy and is involved in teaching medical students.

You may find the “Hypnotherapy FAQ” document helpful to answer any questions or please ring the Winchester practice for more information.

Articles and links:

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Patient Testimonials

"It has definitely been really helpful and I really appreciate our conversations and all the thought that goes into the recording - I don't quite know how you know just the right things to say bit I'm glad that you do!!"