Dr Ruth Dyson now offers Hypnobirthing at the Winchester practice. She is qualified to teach self-hypnosis techniques to expectant mothers to use during childbirth

6 years ago by Dr Ruth Dyson

Childbirth is a very natural process which has the potential to be a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, we tend to hear only the negative aspects and some women and their partners can become apprehensive. A growing number of couples are finding that by using hypnosis (which includes deep relaxation, positive suggestion, visualisation and breathing techniques) in pregnancy and childbirth can enhance the experience. Studies have been done looking at the possible benefits of using hypnotherapy in this setting. In the antenatal period, using hypnosis for reducing stress/anxiety has been found to increase foetal movements (often a sign of foetal well-being). It is also associated with a reduced length of labour and reduced use of medications. In the postnatal period, mothers who had hypnotherapy had a lower risk of postnatal depression. There are a number of different models for hypnotherapy in childbirth training. Dr Dyson has attended the 'Easibirthing®' method training (a UK based programme) and uses these techniques. She is also a GP with training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology so uses knowledge and skills she has gained during her medical training. A course is typically 4-5 sessions (45 mins. to 1-hour session) but this can be adapted to suit the mother's needs. Partners are welcome to join the sessions or she is happy to work with women individually. Sessions are private rather than group based. To find out more or book an appointment, please telephone the Winchester practice.