Hypnotherapy Sessions During the COVID-19 Outbreak

4 years ago by Dr Ruth Dyson

A message from Dr Ruth Dyson regarding hypnotherapy sessions:

"I hope you are keeping well both physically and mentally during this difficult time. I would like to apologise that I had to cancel appointments over the coming weeks due to the outbreak. I’m sure you understand that safety of patients and staff is of the utmost importance. I have also had a very busy time in my General Practice work and it has been difficult to balance this with my Hypnotherapy work.

"I understand that there may be an even greater need of support at this time and would like to continue to offer remote consultations for those who feel they would benefit from this. I can offer telephone appointments followed up with a personalised recording which can be emailed or (for a small fee) recorded onto CD and posted to you within 48 hrs. Due to family and General Practice commitments appointments will be offered flexibly on Wednesdays. If you request an appointment reception will confirm this has been booked and contact you to confirm the time a few days before.

"Hypnotherapy can be helpful for managing stress and anxiety at this difficult time. It can also be useful to boost immune function and reduce the impact of any virus related symptoms. And of course I can continue to offer support for all the usual indications including insomnia, IBS, weight issues, painful conditions, stress management, birthing/fertility support,… the list goes on!

"To help support you I have recorded a brief hypnotherapy session to reduce stress and improve immune functioning. This is available via the website (link here) or can be emailed. A CD can also be posted to you directly (there will be a small fee to cover costs of production and postage).

"I am happy to answer any brief email queries you may have at this difficult time, please just contact me via the practice. Any longer/more detailed queries can be booked as a full telephone consultation.

"I hope you keep well and look forward to seeing you back at the practice when the situation allows."

Dr Ruth Dyson