Ruth Taylor

Ruth qualified as a Nutritional Therapist from the world renowned Institute of Optimum Nutrition in 2009.  Since qualifying she left her previous career as a nursing sister in the NHS and has focused her attention on supporting patients with a wide range of health conditions.  She has also attended CPD courses in functional medicine and works with a functional medicine approach.  She finds that this helps her to gain an in-depth understanding of the potentioal imbalances that have led a person to their current state of health.  Once these imbalances have been identified the aim of nutritional therapy is to identify factors related to these imbalances that may then become the focus of the nutrition plan to help a person rebalance and improve their health. 

To support this approach, Ruth will suggest any functional tests that may help determine the underlying causes of the current health imbalances and make nutritional recommendations that will involve a negotiated diet and supplement plan.

Ruth additionally works as a lecturer at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and is passionate about the essential role of nutrition in health care. 

Ruth offers a wide range of food intolerance testing with blood spot technology. The Food Print test from Cambridge Nutritional Sciences offers the latest techology to identify food sensitivities.  

A new development in testing has been brought to the UK from the USA by Cyrex.  Cyrex have developed a test to identify gluten sensitivity that instead of simply looking at the blood reaction to tissue trans glutimase, is able to look at 16 protein elements of the gluten grain.  For patients who suspect a gluten sensitivity or intolerance but have previously been found to not react to gluten through the Ttg test, this test offers an opportunity to understand if gluten is indeed a food that you have a sensitivity to.