Cyrex Testing

3 years ago by Ruth Taylor

The world of testing for gluten sensitivity has recently taken a massive step forwards into the 21st century with the advancement of looking at more than simply the gliadin element of the gluten grain.

For years many people in the UK have suspected a wheat intolerance but when tested with the tissue transglutaminase test typically offered by their GP, they have been found to not be intolerant despite continued symptoms that appear to be triggered when eating wheat and wheat based products. Symptoms of food intolerance are many and varied and often insidious. Commonly people experience regular headaches, bloating, constipation and or diarrhoea, mouth ulcers, swollen and painful joints and even fatigue.

Cyrex laboratories an American laboratory have developed gluten and wheat sensitivity screening which looks at other protein factions of the gluten grain and may reveal hidden intolerances.  Nutritional Therapist and registered Cyrex practitioner Ruth Taylor is available for consultation at The Natural Practice and can advise if this test is suitable for a patient.