Dr Kate Shapland

With over 35 years experience as a GP, Dr Kate has the knowledge and skills to provide the highest level of care.  For more than 10 years she ha been studying and practising a variety of complimentary therapies and knows that there is no single pathway to health and investing in our own well-beign can take many different routes and have multiple benefits.

The focus of Dr Kate's attention recently has been the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping).  She passionately believes in people being empowered to reognise the body's innate healing system and she is keen to help people to discover this power.  EFT utilises acupressure points and empowering sentences to release stuck emotional energies to recognise our situation and move forward.

The most compelling aspect of EFT is that it literally puts the power at your own fingertips.  Dr Kates loves this modality as people can do it at ome, in their own time, and often with more immediate effect as they can use it as soon as they notice symptoms or triggers.  She has direct experience of how it can help people by reducing stress, depression, addictions, cravings, chronic paid and many other similar conditions.  It compliments all other treatments and all sorts of people can benefit by giving it a go.

Dr Kate has also worked with nutrition and supplements and is keen to guide/signpost her patients towards these areas to augment their EFT therapy.  If you would like further information on EFT this article gives a helpful overview.