Dr Kate Shapland

Dr Kate Shapland MBBS MRCG Integrated Physician

Dr Kate would like to guide you on your wellness journey with you in the driving seat.  She passionately believes in our body's innate ability to heal and that we should all be in charge of our own healing pathway.  She has been a GP for 35 years, working in private and public health in Australia and the UK.  She understands the frustrations and limitations in the NHS, and is happy to work out what help is available to you via the public route and which areas may be better served with therapies that compliment this.  There are usually multiple issues contributing to current symptoms so working alongside your existing care is paramount. 

Dr Kate has worked with homeopaths, nutritionists, dietitians and genetic therapists over the last 10 years and continues to be involved in these areas.  Her main focus for the last 5 years has been looking at the Mind Body Connection and Energy Therapies, as there is almost always an emotional component to chronic 'stuck' symptoms, however physical they seem, the neuropsychological area is becoming much more mainstream and Dr Kate was involved in some of the initial studies validating the use of one such therapy Emotional Freedom Technique. If you would like further information on EFT this article gives a helpful overview.

Dr Kate is happy to arrange a 10 minute phone call with new patients to discuss treatment options at the practice. Please contact reception to arrange.

To listen to Dr Kate's podcast introducing herself click here.