Jane Pearce

Jane Pearce MBRA – Reflexologist and Second Degree Reiki Practitioner

Jane Pearce trained at the Bayly School of Reflexology, the Teaching school of the British Reflexology Association and has been a Therapist at The Natural Practice since 2005. She is also a qualified Second Degree Reiki Practitioner.

Reflexology can help many physical ailments such as IBS, headaches, tinnitus, asthma, fertility issues, menopause, PMS, digestive problems, allergies, sinusitis, low immune system, panic attacks, tension, back/neck and shoulder aches and pain. Jane can also help with emotional issues such as stress, lethargy, depression or when we just do not feel 100%.

Jane has also helped clients suffering with Infertility*, Tinnitus** and Parkinson’s***

Jane’s treatment is holistic in approach which means she looks to treat the body as a whole, rather than just focusing on the symptoms.

Reflexology works by massaging specific areas of the feet which aims to balance both the physical and mental aspects of the body and can help boost our natural healing system which then restores the body’s natural balance. Jane also uses the gentle healing energy of Reiki during the Reflexology treatment she gives, which provides her clients with a deeper and more relaxing treatment compared to just having Reflexology on its own.

Jane believes the added use of Reiki helps to send the natural energy to the areas of your body which need extra help. It seeks out the imbalances and helps to correct them. After a treatment, Jane’s clients report that they feel calm, relaxed and energised, with a pleasant sense of well being.

Reiki comes from the Japanese meaning Life Force Energy. This is the energy that flows naturally through us. When this energy is low, or becomes blocked, we are more likely to feel stressed, run down or become ill. When this energy is high and flowing freely we are more capable of fighting these negative forces.There is no belief system attached to Reiki and the treatment itself aims to encourage the body’s own healing system while restoring balance. If you imagine your body is a rechargeable battery, then Reiki is like plugging you into a charging point. It provides you with natural, nourishing energy that can give your body the boost it needs to help heal itself and restore balance.

The treatment is non-invasive and is given via the practitioner hovering her hands over pre-determined parts of the body. Many people experience a sense of well being and relaxation after the session. Reiki can be offered as a treatment by itself or alongside Reflexology.

* Infertility - Jane also has extensive experience in helping women with fertility problems with very positive success and has completed a specialist course in Pre-conception & Pregnancy Reflexology with the London School of Reflexology (https://www.learnreflexology.com <https://www.learnreflexology.com/reflexology-cpd> ). The teacher was Louise Keet, author of The Reflexology Bible https://www.amazon.co.uk/Reflexology-Bible-Godsfield-Bibles-Definiti ve/dp/1841813419/ref=nodl_

** Tinnitus - The main symptom of Tinnitus is hearing a noise such as ringing, whooshing or buzzing which comes from inside the ear. Whilst this condition can be caused by an illness or disorder, for many sufferers it just seems to appear with no obvious cause. Traditional treatment tends to focus on coping techniques such as behavioural and sound therapies, relaxation, earplugs and white noise machines.

Jane has treated many clients with Tinnitus using Reflexology. All of her clients reported noticing that the noise was reducing after each session and, on average, after four sessions were noticing the noise less and could feel they could get on with enjoying life again.

As with all complementary therapies, everyone responds differently but Jane tends to find that the vast majority of her clients experience some improvement after only two treatments.

Reflexology works by massaging specific areas of the feet which aims to balance both the physical and psychological aspects of the body and can help boost our natural healing system which then restores the body’s natural balance. Specifically with Tinnitus sufferers, Jane will spend longer on the reflex points of the feet that reflect the ears and head, sending specific healing to these areas.

Jane’s Reflexology treatment is very relaxing, sending the body into a deep and restful state where healing naturally occurs. Her clients often report how completely relaxed, calm, energised and positive they feel after her sessions. Qualities that are highly valued by Tinnitus sufferers.

*** Parkinson’s - Although there is no cure for Parkinson’s there are many complementary therapies that can help reduce the severity of symptoms and support the person both physically and mentally in dealing with this disease. One such therapy is Reiki. With Parkinson’s, Reiki has been shown to help with stopping or temporarily reducing the tremors, easing pain, relaxing tense muscles, reducing stress and promoting a feeling of calmness and relaxation (Source: https://parkinsonscare.org.uk/reiki/). Reiki, like all complementary therapies, is very personal and everyone's response is slightly different. However all the clients Jane has worked with have all experienced the above benefits in varying degrees.

Jane personalises all her treatment sessions to the needs of the individuals. With Parkinson’s, she tends not to use Reflexology as even gentle manipulation can be uncomfortable. However Reiki provides a non-invasive way to comfortably treat and relax her Parkinson’s clients.

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In 2014 Jane helped her husband Ed raise over £3,000 for Macmillan

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