Dr Katya's advice on colds and flu

22 months ago by Dr Katya Mishanina


Dr Katya Mishanina's advice to aid a quick recovery when suffering from a cold or flu this winter:

1) Stop work when sick.  

If you suspect you might be going down with a cold or flu, it is important to acknowledge that you are ill and not to try and ‘power through’. Take sufficient time off to allow your body to recuperate. By staying off work you will also limit your exposure to others, who might not want your germs.

2) Get adequate rest.  

Make sure that you get full nights of sleep as your body uses sleep time to recover.  If you are feeling tired during the day, have a nap but keep it short to avoid upsetting your internal clock and disrupting night-time sleep patterns. Illnesses are an ideal time to re-evaluate the stresses in your life that may have contributed to your illness in the first place.

3) Drink plenty of fluids

When ill, your body raises its temperature in order to activate the white blood cells to fight the infection. To cool down you sweat and hence lose fluid.  To replenish fluids drink lemon and ginger infusions to give your immune system a little boost. For additional benefit, add a small spoonful of honey: it can calm a cough and help you sleep.

4) Nourish yourself

Clear soups and broths can give you calories and replenish some of the lost minerals when you may not have much of an appetite. Some research shows they may help reduce inflammation in the body, which can relieve some of your symptoms. The warmth also helps break up mucus.  Winter vegetables, onions, garlic and citrus fruit are excellent sources of vitamins and antioxidants needed for recovery.

5) Use natural remedies

Kaloba and other herbs can be used to relieve cold symptoms. Zinc lozenges can help your immune system to get over a cold faster, especially if taken at the first signs of infection.  It is also worth keeping aconite in the house for first signs of cold. Homeopathic remedies can be very useful for children, pregnant women and people on medications as they are safe, gentle and don’t interact with conventional medications. Homeopathic medicines are selected upon individualisation taking into account your symptoms, past medical conditions, and any other unique factors (e.g. food and weather preferences). So patients with the same flu can get different remedies.  A constitutionally selected homeopathic remedy can also be helpful if you experience recurrent infections.

Please note that this is general advice. At The Natural Practice we use an integrated medical approach bringing together different techniques to help patients recover from illnesses and to strengthen their immune systems. If you would like to book an appointment to discuss your individual case please contact reception on 01962 856310. To find out more about me, Dr Katya Mishanina, and the way I work click here to visit my webpage.

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