How can reflexology help with Tinnitus?

8 months ago

The main symptom of Tinnitus is hearing a noise such as ringing, whooshing or buzzing which comes from inside the ear. Whilst this condition can be caused by an illness or disorder, for many sufferers it just seems to appear with no obvious cause. Traditional treatment tends to focus on coping techniques such as behavioural and sound therapies, relaxation, earplugs and white noise machines.

Jane is our Qualified Reflexology and Reiki Practitioner and has treated many clients with Tinnitus. All of her clients reported noticing that the noise was reducing after each session and, on average, after four sessions were noticing the noise less and could feel they could get on with enjoying life again.

As with all complementary therapies, everyone responds differently but Jane tends to find that the vast majority of her clients experience some improvement after only two treatments.

Reflexology works by massaging specific areas of the feet which aims to balance both the physical and psychological aspects of the body and can help boost our natural healing system which then restores the body’s natural balance. Specifically with Tinnitus sufferers, Jane will spend longer on the reflex points of the feet that reflect the ears and head, sending specific healing to these areas.

Jane’s Reflexology treatment is very relaxing, sending the body into a deep and restful state where healing naturally occurs. Her clients often report how completely relaxed, calm, energised and positive they feel after her sessions. Qualities that are highly valued by Tinnitus sufferers.

If you would like further information or to book an appointment with Jane, please contact our Reception Team on 01962 856310.