Blood Testing at The Natural Practice

7 months ago

Many patients will already know that we integrate a number of nutritional tests and specific nutritional interventions as part of a patient’s treatment plan. We use a number of different laboratories but one of them, Biolab (UK) Ltd are an innovative and progressive provider of nutritional tests, many of which aren't available elsewhere.

We find the Essential Fatty Acid Profile test, which looks at a range of essential fatty acids, often gives a specific way of individualising omega 6 and omega 3 oil supplementation. Another important test is the mineral blood test measuring zinc and red cell magnesium. When these are corrected they can make a significant change to a patient’s health. Biolab also provide both a blood and urine toxic element test and by combining it with a patient’s clinical history and other tests we can get a good picture of a patient’s toxicity levels. Other tests we use include looking at antioxidant vitamins, and an osteoporosis profile to name a few.

Correcting toxicity and nutritional levels can make a big difference to how patients respond to the herbal and homeopathic medicines we prescribe and therefore can be an essential part of our treatment, especially in complex, confused, hidden and deep-seated cases. To read more about what is meant by complex, confused, hidden see Principles and Practice of Homeopathy by Dr David Owen.

In January 2015, our London practice moved to Biolab’s premises at 9 Weymouth Street. Although these tests can be arranged through any of our practices, London patients will have the added convenience of being able to take tests directly with Biolab.

If you have any questions about the suitability of any of the tests we offer, please discuss this at your next appointment or request more information from the practice.