10 months ago

Using an integrated approach in the treatment of our patients

I’ve recently been going through our patient files as we are scanning notes as we move towards electronic records.

10 months ago

How releasing emotional trauma can aid physical recover

The connection between emotional well-being and physical health has long been recognized, and recent research has shed light on just how profound this link can be.

11 months ago

Summer is a time for being outside.

Summer is a time for spending time outside in nature walking, exercising and relaxing.

14 months ago

Dr Owen's tips for on-line consultations

This is both for those of you who are patients but reluctant to do video calls and for those of you that are happy with video appointments but might like…

14 months ago

Take a holistic approach to IBS

April is IBS awareness month, so it is a perfect time to discuss this important condition and offer my tips for how to improve your symptoms.

17 months ago

The importance of Omega-3 essential fatty acids for Brain Health

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are an important part of a healthy diet and have been shown to play a critical role in brain health.

17 months ago

Health Coaching - New Year Half Price Offer

Dr Ruth Dyson completed her training as a Health Coach in July last year.

18 months ago

Can I treat this or can I treat that?

Once or twice a day we get an email asking can we treat this condition or those symptoms.

19 months ago

A holistic approach to hormones

Holistic therapies seek to address the underlying disturbance giving rise to a complaint and support the system to re-dress any imbalance.

19 months ago

Supporting you through (peri-) menopause naturally

Many women find the perimenopause and menopause transition is a time to re-evaluate their health and well-being.

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