18 months ago

Learn simple and effective technique shared by Jane Pearce

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19 months ago

Counselling During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Marcos Frangos is offering Constellations Counselling sessions online during the COVID-19 outbreat using Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp.

19 months ago

Hypnotherapy Sessions During the COVID-19 Outbreak

A message from Dr Ruth Dyson regarding hypnotherapy sessions: "I hope you are keeping well both physically and mentally during this difficult time.

19 months ago

Virtual Clinic

To reduce the risk of spreading of the coronavirus, where we can, we have switched to virtual consulting.

20 months ago

Coping with anxiety related to Coronavirus

Article written by Dr Katya   The panic around the outbreak of coronavirus is spreading faster than the virus itself.

20 months ago

Covid-19 - Practice Update

During this challenging time period when we are working to understand and contain the COVID-19, Coronavirus, we are closely monitoring the situation at our practices and taking proactive steps as...

20 months ago

Dr Katya’s Mind-Body course ‘Finding your inner doctor’

Dr Katya will be running a lunchtime, forthrightly Mind-Body course ‘Finding your inner doctor’ from April to June 2020 in Winchester. 4 sessions in total.

22 months ago

New charity homeopathy clinic started at The Natural Practice

The Natural Practice is now offering one charitable homeopathic clinic a month in conjunction with the British Homeopathic Association (BHA). The clinic is staffed by Dr Tim Foster.

23 months ago

Maguire's All Natural Products

Pat Maguire, Massage Therapist at The Natural Practice has developed Maquire’s, her own brand of hand made body balms and oils.

23 months ago

Unfinished Conversation I

Dr Owen has shared some of the concepts and ideas that have helped shape his work as a holistic doctor.

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