24 months ago

Constellations Workshops "Unchain my heart and set me free .."

  Marcos Frangos is running an online course called “Unchain my heart and set me free…”.

2 years ago

Dr Ridsdale encourages patients to consider a health MOT with their practitioner

The past few months have been a testing time for all.

2 years ago

Attend an online course and write yourself a prescription for optimal health

Dr Katya's Mind-Body course 'Finding Your Inner Doctor" will repeat over 4 weeks in October-November 2020 via Zoom

2 years ago

Acupuncture recommended as an alternative to pain killers for chronic pain

The BBC have recently published an article reporting that in it's draft guidance for England, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends acupuncture as one of the...

2 years ago

Build activity into your daily life

As restrictions start to ease, and the number of infections falls, Osteopathic clinics are starting to re open.

2 years ago

Constellations counselling online

Since I moved my Constellations counselling work online at the start of lockdown, I’ve been grateful to my clients for taking the leap of faith in our mutual ability to...

2 years ago

Why is gut health is Important for your hormones?

Dr Iwona Pogoda explains why gut health is important for your hormones We are constantly learning about the importance of good gut health.

2 years ago

Dr Katya's Mind-Body course 'Finding Your Inner Doctor" will repeat over 4 weeks in July-August via Zoom

This lunchtime course will repeat over 4 weeks in July-August via Zoom. 

Dates: Mondays 13th, 20th, 27th of July and the 3rd of August. 

Time 13:00-14:30

Location: Online via Zoom

Number of participants: This is a small group course 4-8.

Price for the whole course (Four 1hr 30min sessions) -  £100

2 years ago

Nutritional Approaches to Managing Inflammation

Today I want to talk to you about nutritional approaches to managing inflammation.

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