20 months ago

Vaccine Statement

The Natural Practice strongly supports preventive health care approaches, including national vaccination programmes.

21 months ago

Flowering within - a journey of acceptance and consideration

In my work as a counsellor at The Natural Practice, I am privileged to witness people as they evolve and grow.

21 months ago


In the past year the meanings that we give to masks, and to the masked face have changed in so many ways.

21 months ago

MOTs for Positive Health and Vitality

Look after yourself with a Positive Health MOT this year to help you get into the best possible health and vitality as we approach the autumn and winter months ahead.

21 months ago

Do you suffer from broken sleep?

Do you suffer from broken sleep? As the Reflexologist at The Natural Practice, I find many of my clients suffer from poor quality sleep and this can lead to fatigue,...

22 months ago

Video Consultations with Dr David Owen

We have had to review how we provide our service to patients because of travel and health concerns.

22 months ago

Are you suffering from Text-Neck?

Did you know texting can add 49lbs of stress on your spine and nervous system?* The average adult head weighs 10-12 pounds when it’s upright or in a neutral position.

22 months ago

Anxiety in the time of Covid-19, and how hypnotherapy may help

Even prior to the current pandemic I noticed an increase in the prevalence of anxiety among the patients I was seeing both in my hypnotherapy practice and as a GP.

22 months ago

Depression and the Menopause

Women need their hormones to function normally both physically and emotionally and they also need their hormones for good mental health.

23 months ago

Osteoporosis - what you need to know

Osteoporosis is a process of reduction of bone mass which naturally causes susceptibility to fracture.

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