6 years ago

The Benefits of Essential Oils in Massage Therapy

Some essential oils are used because of their analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties whilst other oils reduce stress and tension, promoting relaxation and a general sense of well-being.

6 years ago

Maguire's Facial Oils now available at The Natural Practice

Maguire's handmade natural face oils, created by Sports/Holistic Massage Therapist, Pat Maguire, contain a blend of sweet almond oil, chia seed oil, rosehip oil and red raspberry oil and have…

6 years ago

What can it be with the knee?

I was recently fortunate to take part in and successfully complete the National Three Peaks Challenge.

6 years ago

Constant evolution at the Natural Practice

As usual there are lots of exciting new developments at The Natural Practice.

6 years ago

Hay Fever

The hay fever season is once more upon us and every year brings misery to millions.

7 years ago

Acupuncture for Depression

Unfortunately depression is a common condition and a leading cause of disability in both sexes and all ages worldwide.

7 years ago

Dr David Owen Receives Award from The Faculty of Homeopathy

At the Faculty of Homeopathy’s conference in Belfast last weekend, Dr David Owen was awarded the President’s Cup for his lifetime contributions to homeopathy.

8 years ago

Fertility Treatment

For many couples having a baby is a natural process but for the one in ten couples who experience fertility problems it is not always the simplest.

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