9 months ago

New Year, New You? Taking a Lifestyle Medicine approach to improve your health

As we look towards the festive season (and the over-excesses that sometimes results in) Dr Dyson is finding out how you can improve your health by taking an Integrated Lifestyle...

9 months ago

Reflections on Covid: A Trojan horse with a twist?

As a GP and homeopath and new member to the team at The Natural Practice, I bridge the gap between different ways of thinking about health and illness.

9 months ago

Researchers pinpoint how acupuncture targets inflammation

Click on the link here for an article recently published in the Harvard Gazette.  

9 months ago

Faculty of Homeopathy's 99th Congress

Dr Patricia Ridsdale, Vice President of the Faculty of Homeopathy, together with Dr Gary Smyth, President of the Faculty of Homeopathy, co-chaired the Faculty's 99th Congress online on 22nd October.

10 months ago

College of Medicine article reports on Dr Dyson's success in transforming mental health services in the Andover area

Dr Ruth Dyson recently featured in an article by the College of Medicine regarding the success of how a team of healthcare professionals transformed mental health services in the Andover...

12 months ago

Is your posture stressing you out?

On first thoughts, you may think the answer is “no”.

13 months ago

The effect of stress hormones on the body

Reacting to stress is necessary for our survival.

13 months ago

Simple Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Improve Well-being

We are now at the point of many Covid restrictions being eased but, far from feeling this as a “release” and feeling more relaxed, many people are experiencing an increase...

13 months ago

Re-set, relax, unwind

Re-set, relax, unwind I was working with a client recently and we came up with a metaphor of living with a kind of ‘tinnitus worry,’ - like having a continual background...

13 months ago

If it Aint Broke Don't Fix it

Over the past few years I have noticed a glaring error in our society and healthcare system.

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