4 months ago

Cyrex Testing

The world of testing for gluten sensitivity has recently taken a massive step forwards into the 21st century with the advancement of looking at more than simply the gliadin element...

4 months ago

Blood Testing at The Natural Practice

Many patients will already know that we integrate a number of nutritional tests and specific nutritional interventions as part of a patient’s treatment plan.

4 months ago

The Natural Practice Dispensary - Why We Stock The Medicines We Do

The dispensary at The Natural Practice stocks several hundred different nutritional and herbal supplements and several thousand homeopathic remedies.

4 months ago

When should I have a follow up?

Whilst each patient usually understands they will have an individualised treatment plan they are often not so used to the idea of an individualised follow-up strategy.

4 months ago

The London Marathon 'niggle'

The London Marathon ‘niggle’ With a few weeks to go before this years London Marathon, some of you will be entering the final stages of training preparation.

4 months ago

The Benefits of Reflexology to the Expectant Mother

Reflexology is the ancient art of stimulating the body’s own healing system through carefully applied pressure to the feet.

4 months ago

Hypnotherapy - Some frequently asked questions

Hypnotherapy – Some frequently asked questions What is hypnosis? Hypnosis itself, also known as the trance state, is a very natural state of mind which people have known about for...

4 months ago

Hypnotherapy for fertilty, pregnancy, childbirth and beyondNew Blog Post

Dr. Ruth Dyson, Clinical Hypnotherapist, takes a moment to discuss some of the benefits of using Hypnotherapy during pregnancy and childbirth.

11 months ago

Homeopathy For Preconception, Pregnancy, Childbirth & Babies by Dr Katya Mishanina

Homeopaths generally view pregnancy and childbirth as a period of time needing little intervention, using remedies only if they are required.

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