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Treatments for Infertility

The Natural Practice will use a lot of different techniques to help with this condition. Infertility it is vital that a clear diagnosis is made first and this must involve the technology of conventional medicine. We would wish to know whether the fallopian tubes are scarred, whether the ovaries are intact and what treatment potential exists for a normal pregnancy. Complementary medicine does have much to offer in this area, in spite of all the conventional tests, investigations and treatments that are now available.

Our fertility treatment package consists of an initial consultation with a homeopathic physician followed by a programme of treatment involving both acupuncture and Chinese herbs which is tailored by Dr Ruolin Sun to meet your individual needs.  The programme will include dietary and lifestyle advice to build up an individual's nutritional well-being and to reduce toxic products in the body.


While there are a number of obvious and conventionally treatable causes for lowered fertility, there are two groups that benefit from homeopathy.  The first is those where the complex interaction of mind and body in either or both partners can contribute to reduced fertility.  The second is where for whatever reason, conventional treatments are undesirable or have been tried without success.  An example of the former can be a couple where there is a large degree of stress in one partner's life or a particularly negative perception of what pregnancy might involve, often accompanied by fear and anxiety, which actually seems to switch off the ability to conceive.  We also work with couples when they have had problems in previous pregnancy, including difficulties carrying to term or problems with labour.  In these cases the psychological profile is part of the holistic picture and is an important indicator to the homeopathic remedies. 

In the second category are patients who have difficulty tolerating hormone treatment prior to IVF or those who do not want to go through IVF.  In some of these cases a positive outcome might come through natural methods of increasing fertility.  Homeopathy lends itself to individuals and couples where a holistic approach is wanted and takes into account not only the physical structure and organs of conception, but also the psychological picture. 


Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) will treat both men and women.  In women, TCM can help women with hormonal and ovulatory problems, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, unexplained failure to conceive and repeated miscarriage.  It improves egg quality and strengthens the lining of the womb, balances hormone levels, therefore increasing the chances of achieving and maintaining a successful pregnancy.  Women with high levels of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) experience infertility and are often turned away from IVF treatment as they do not respond well.  Acupuncture can help reduce these levels. In men, TCM has also been shown to significantly improve sperm count and mobility. 

Acupuncture stimulates the ovaries to produce lots of follicles and it increases the quality of eggs the woman is producing.  It increases the flow of blood to the uterus. 

Acupuncture appears to work really well for pelvic pain; it seems to alter pelvic blood flow and may have an effect on healing the damage caused by scarring as a consequence of infection or endometriosis. It has also been shown to have some effect on hormonal regulation, an observation supported by a number of clinical trials. People who have a history of eating disorders or repeated miscarriages may well have nutritional deficiencies, in particular relating to zinc, vitamin Bs and essential fatty acids. Measuring these and correcting them over a period of months with oral supplementation can certainly assist fertility. There are a variety of herbal and homeopathic products that are claimed to be valuable in infertility. However, it is important to prescribe herbal remedies very cautiously in women who are trying to get pregnant, as we have no idea what the effects of herbal medicines may be in early pregnancy.

Extensive research shows that the success rate of IVF is greatly increased if a course of Acupuncture is used alongside treatment. 


Reflexology is a relaxing treatment where gentle pressure is applied to specific parts of the feet which represent the whole body.  The treatment helps clear the physical blockages relating to fertility issues sometimes present such as endometriosis, polyps, fibroids and blocked fallopian tubes.  However, stress, tiredness, feeling run down and the pressure to conceive are emotional blockages that also ac as a significant barrier to conceiving and these are helped through the treatment too.  Reflexology is also beneficial as it promotes relaxation at what can be a very stressful time.

The whole benefit of an integrated medical approach at the Practice is brought together to support the patient. We should stress that each treatment plan is designed individually and may consist of one some interventions that are not mentioned here.