Bioidentical hormones

At The Natural Practice we believe that an holistic approach to women’s hormonal health is the most beneficial. Any hormone treatment will only be prescribed after a comprehensive consultation which would consider all aspects of a woman’s health including physical and psychological symptoms , nutrition and life style. 

Some women start experiencing hormonal imbalances in their late 30’s although the average age for women in the UK to go through menopause is 51. The period leading to menopause is called perimenopause and can be very challenging for many women. Lifestyle changes can improve some symptoms but Hormone Replacement Therapy is often recommended.

There are different hormonal therapies :

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (‘BHRT’) – Bio-Identical hormones are those with the exact molecular structure as hormones produced naturally by our bodies. Hence they behave the same way and function identically as self-made hormones. BHRT is a personalised treatment for each patient (specifically a dosage and combination of hormones) produced by a fully regulated pharmacy. At The Natural Practice we use the following pharmacies which guarantee the safety and efficacy of their products:
  • Body Identical Hormone - Body Identical hormones are also identical to our own hormones in their molecular structures but they are manufactured by Pharmaceutical Companies in fixed doses. These products are licensed in the UK under different names and are also available in NHS clinics and Private Menopausal clinics

Both Bio and Body Identical hormone treatments are produced from diosgenin which is obtained from Mexican Yam. At The Natural Practice, we prescribe Estradiol, Progesterone , Testosterone, DHEA, Pregnenolone. 

About Consultations

At The Natural Practice, any patient wishing to explore hormone treatments will be invited for a face to face consultation. Before the consultation you will be sent a comprehensive questionnaire. During the consultation our Hormonal health doctor (Dr Iwona Pogoda) will take a full medical history and might perform a medical examination if it is necessary. She will then will discuss any further investigation which might be indicated via your GP or privately. When she has sufficient information she will the then discuss treatments including hormonal therapies, supplements and life style changes. Depending on the outcome of the discussions, she might issue you with a personalised prescription for either BIO-IDENTICAL or BODYIDENTICAL treatment. 

At every consultation, you will be provided with full transparency and options to consider to address your hormone issues. This will include explanations about the current NICE guidelines, BMS statements and options which are available on the NHS. The benefits and risks of different treatments will be explained to you taking into account all available data published by British Menopausal Society and the Epidemiological Study published in Lancet (August 2019. As part of the consultation, we might also recommend a hormonal blood test which sometimes helps to establish diagnosis and monitor the treatments. Please note that at all times it will be the patient’s choice as to any treatment to be followed.

Dr Iwona is a member of the British Menopause Society and attends regular conferences and meetings. She is always happy to discuss any questions you may have on hormonal treatments and the NICE guidelines and BMS statements.

Here is a statement from Specialist-Pharmacy :

(1) Safety & Efficacy

To license and/or run scientific research there must be significant demand. As you can imagine, as BHRT is compounded specifically for every patient's needs, it means there are many variations that cannot be tested or licensed in the same way that licensed HRT or BHRT is. This does not mean that safety is compromised with the strict measures in place, it just means that the double-blind placebo-controlled trials on every variation of prescription would be impossible. Research is developing in this sector, and there is proven indication for micronised progesterone.

(2) Regulation

The activities of prescribing and dispensing bio-identical hormones are both regulated. Compounding BHRT offers a personalised approach to treating menopause symptoms for the many and alternative options for patients who are faced with the constant supply chain shortages of their GP-prescribed licensed synthetic or BHRT.
Compounding BHRT is carried out under strict supervision of a qualified pharmacist on a named patient basis as per section 10 of the Medicines Act. The General Pharmaceutical Council (which regulates all pharmacies) publishes guidance for registered pharmacies preparing unlicensed medicines. Specialist Pharmacy compounds and dispenses both unlicensed and licensed BHRT and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including specialised software and precision scales to support the safe and effective compounding of BHRT with full audit traceability and medicines governance. Their latest inspection is testament to this. Specialist Pharmacy is registered, regulated and complies with the standards of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and only works with suppliers operating in countries whose pharmaceutical raw materials and GMP standards are recognised by the EU. All ingredients are sourced from large, reputable pharmaceutical suppliers, all of which are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice, as recognised by the EU.

Here is a statement from RosewayLab Pharmacy - Statement from Roseway Labs


Dr Iwona Pogoda

Physician (Hormonal Health)