Dr Tim Foster

Dr Tim Foster MB BS MRCGP MFHom Medical Homeopath

Dr Tim Foster joined the team at the Natural Practice in 2018 to offer consultations as a medical homeopath. Tim was previously a full time NHS GP locally. His career as a family doctor gave him a strong interest in the many different ways that people find to manage illness and improve well-being, and his interest in alternative medicine was stimulated by working alongside a GP who was an experienced acupuncture practitioner. He began studying Homeopathy in 2004 after moving from London to Winchester and undertook his Homeopathic training in Bristol, gaining his MFHom qualification in 2010. He used homeopathy within his general practice but has been able to concentrate on this aspect of treatment since joining The Natural Practice team. 

After long experience as a GP Tim is happy to see patients with any kind of illness or health concerns and has found that homeopathy can offer a way to treat many problems that may not respond well enough, or fully enough to conventional medicines. Many people are familiar with the use of homeopathy, either from personal experience or from having had friends or relatives benefit from this form of treatment. However, for some people the ideas that homeopathy are based on may be unfamiliar. Homeopathy aims to find an individual treatment that will be helpful to the patient and depends on matching remedies to the whole picture of the patient’s symptoms. Homeopathy is therefore centred on the patient’s own experiences and feelings, and this guides the choice of possible remedies. The remedies used in homeopathy are made by repeated dilution of natural materials, and they are gentle in action and safe. They are thought to work by stimulating the body’s own capacity for healing. More information about homeopathy is available from Homeopathy UK .

Tim consults on Wednesday mornings, offering face to face or remote consultations.  These appointments are provided through the Natural Practice's free charity clinic, which is run in conjunction with the charity Homeopathy-UK.  Click here for details.