Dr Patricia Ridsdale

Dr Patricia Ridsdale MBChB DRCOG MRCGP FFHom Integrated Physician 

Dr Patricia Ridsdale has been a general practitioner in the Basingstoke area for 25 years and remains a GP still.  She takes a whole person view of illness and advises on both acute and chronic illness, using a range of integrated, holistic complementary therapies, including homeopathy, acupuncture and nutrition. She is a highly qualified medical homeopath, being a Fellow of the Faculty of Homeopathy and on their specialist register. 

She enjoys helping people to understand and work with their bodies, to work out why they may be experiencing problems and to treat the cause rather than the symptoms.  She may manage cases jointly with other therapists at The Natural Practice and believes passionately in integrated medical care for the benefit of the individual. 

Dr Ridsdale also has an interest in diving and sub-aqua medicine and has completed The Institute of Naval Medical Underwater Course.  She was a founding director of the Hantsdoc out of hours emergency GP organisation for Basingstoke and chairs the Faculty of Homeopathy Members' Committee.  She teaches medical students at the University of Southampton and has contributed to a book on supervision for the medical profession and, together with Dr David Owen, updated Andrew Lockie's Enclyclopaedia of Homeopathy, published by Dorling Kindersley. 

She frequently contributes to homeopathy conferences, both abroad and in the UK. 

Dr Ridsdale sees patients at the Winchester, Basingstoke, Oxford and Bournemouth practices. 

Please listen to Dr Ridsdale's Podcast "Getting to Know You" for a better understanding of how she works with her patients.



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Patient Testimonials

"Dr Ridsdale has helped more than any other doctor or other medical/well-being practitioner ever has. I've had a lot of issues to deal with from childhood traumas and experiences and they've never been fully dealt with in a way that I can feel in control of them and myself. Holistic treatment from Dr Ridsdale has allowed me to finally deal with these issues head-on and move forward from them, taking control of my life. I'm now so confident in myself I'm doing things I never possible before. I cannot thank her enough and would recommend her treatment to anyone!"

"Coming to see Dr Ridsdale has been extremely helpful and well worth the energy, time and financial outlay. Homeopathic remedies together with acupuncture have helped enormously."

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Ridsdale for her ongoing support and treatment during a very difficult time of poor physical, mental and emotional health for me.

For over a decade, I have experienced a succession of serious inflammatory conditions, and seen many medical professionals, both private and NHS, on every occasion having my symptoms treated in isolation of my wider health, and achieving no resolution to the cause of the problems. This has been a source of intense frustration to me, sadly leaving me with a strong mistrust of the medical profession. My consultations with Dr Ridsdale have swept away my frustration and mistrust, as I now finally believe I have found a medical professional who has the qualities and experience to help me to better health, by taking a holistic view of my entire physical and mental health story - through thoughtful questioning, active listening, and the application of a wealth of experience. Dr Ridsdale inspires confidence with these qualities, and also with her warm, practical reassuring manner, and her openness to a wider range of treatment options, beyond pharmacology. As a result, for the first time in over a decade, I feel I have been taken seriously as a patient, and have turned a corner with my health and am now on the path to a recovery that I had previously despaired of finding. This has boosted my general well-being enormously. The Natural Practice is now my ‘go to’ clinic for all my health matters, including menopause support, because of the ease of securing appointments, the length of appointments allowing meaningful investigation, and also the friendly and efficient ‘back office’ support provided by the wider team, arranging appointments and dispensing medication. My experience with Dr Ridsdale and the Natural Practice has been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend her and the clinic to my friends and family.

Please pass on my thanks to Dr Ridsdale, and I look forward to developing my well-being relationship with her and the clinic further in future. I would be very interested in an annual health check, going forward