Dr Katya Mishanina

Dr Ekaterina (Katya) Mishanina BSc MBBS MFHom

Please note Dr Katya will be taking a one year career break from June 2022.

Prior to studying medicine, Dr Katya Mishanina studied psychology at University College London. This is where she first became interested in the intricate connection between mind, body and emotions and the importance of the medical consultation in the healing process. Since qualifying as a doctor from Barts and London school of Medicine and Dentistry, she has been working in different branches of medicine including general practice, paediatrics, acute medicine amongst others.


During her conventional medical work she realised that she was not always able to help patients get to the root cause of their illness using the conventional methods. She also found that the treatment options available to her would help the symptoms but often did not address the deeper issues. In search of more holistic and natural ways of approaching the illness, she trained in medical homeopathy at the Royal London Hospital of Integrative Medicine (RLHIM). She now covers complementary women's clinic and general medicine at the RLHIM. She also teaches homeopathy to the medical professionals. 


She trained with the British Society of Ecological Medicine in nutritional and environmental medicine. She also completed courses in analytical psychology and guided visualisation for therapeutic change and incorporates some of  these techniques into her medical practice. She may manage cases jointly with other therapists at The Natural Practice for the benefit of the individual. 

Having recovered from severe eczema and topical steroid withdrawal, Dr Katya developed special interest in helping people with chronic skin problems. 

She contributes to integrative medicine conferences and published in the peer-reviewed journals (Canadian Medical Association Journal and Reproductive Health).

Dr Katya sees patients in Winchester, London and virtually. 

Dr Katya currently does not take on new patients.

To listen to Dr Katya's Podcast "Your Body is an Amazing Creation" click here.


Patient Testimonials

"Conventional medication never agreed with me. In 1982, following a recommendation from a friend, I decided to try consulting a homeopathic doctor. Since then I have not looked back. I am 94 years old and feel to be in good health despite a set back with a broken hip earlier this year. I am able to enjoy life and love going out for meals, shopping and the theatre. I am grateful to Dr Katya and all the staff, past and present. " Beryl Beech

"Dr Katya has helped me enormously. Her practical support and understanding of the problem has put me on the road to recovery. She is thorough in her medical analysis and explanation of the issues and course of treatment as well as being warm and compassionate. My mum and I feel that we were lucky to be directed towards her. " Patient: Name withheld.

"Dr Katya has given me a range of tools to better explain my feelings so I am able to ask for the right support from others. I have also been taught about my inner child and how to be more aware of her needs which has improved my happiness and confidence."