Dr Gabriella Day

Dr Gabriella Day BSc Hons, MBBS Hons, MRCP, Och, MRCGP, MFHom

A physician once said, ‘Listen to the patient, he is trying to tell you the diagnosis’. Gabriella firmly believes that patients know the answers to their disorders. But often this knowledge is deeply buried and help is needed to unearth it! She will ask extensive questions to establish where you are stuck and why the disease process is evidencing itself in the way it is and she will then use homeopathy and supportive measures to help shift the blocks that are preventing you from moving forward.

The body and the mind work beautifully when in harmony with each other and their environment. When this harmony is disrupted the system fights really hard to correct the disturbance. It can truly feel like an uphill struggle. Often in conventional medicine rather than trying to restore harmony further disruptions are added with medications to combat symptoms. If instead we find out what has gone wrong and correct the underlying disturbance the system will very quickly restore order.

The body and mind are trying really hard to function harmoniously. With time and reflexion on what your body is trying to tell you and supporting your body through lifestyle and environmental modifications you can function the way you are designed to; more than that, you can soar!

Dr Gabriella Day undertook medical training in East London, gaining Membership of the Royal College of Physicians in 2005. She moved into General Practice due to a desire to care for the whole person, but found that conventional medicine often fails to tackle many people’s problems. This prompted her study of homeopathy with the Faculty of Homeopathy, a fascinating discipline, which takes everything the patient says at face value and does not try to modify it to fit into someone else’s system of categorisation.

She began working as a GP in Southampton in 2012.

Gabriella has 3 boys and has found them to be exacting and unrelenting teachers. They continue to be! She also loves ballet, music and nature.

Gabriella will be available at the Chichester and Winchester practices. 



Dr Gabriella Day

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