Attend an online course and write yourself a prescription for optimal health

9 months ago by Dr Katya Mishanina

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My story

Like many other people, I have entrusted the doctors with my health. Even after qualifying as a doctor myself, I did not question my doctors for prescribing increasingly potent medication for a fairly common condition. However, when my hospital specialist letter stated: “not responding to conventional treatment” and I was offered potent immunosuppressants, I knew I had to look for the answers elsewhere. I decided to look inwards. With the help of professionals, my family and friends, lifestyle and complementary medicine, I emerged on the other side. Having gone through my own inner healing journey, I could not treat my patients the same as before. So I researched and trained extensively to help people to explore their symptoms as an integral part of themselves. Mind-body approach looks at physical symptoms as being intricately related to the rest of our lives. My personal healing journey, further training and the experience of working one-to-one with my patients in this way inspired me to create this course and help you find your inner doctor.

This lunchtime course will repeat over 4 weeks via Zoom. 

Dates: To be advised. 

Time 13:00-14:30

Location: Online via Zoom

Number of participants: This is a small group course of 4-8 participants

Price for the whole course: (Four 1hr 30min sessions) -  £100


This course aims to:  

  • Explore ways of maintaining and maximising well-being
  • Help you understand how psychological, emotional and social factors contribute to being well and developing illness 
  • Empower you to find ways of connecting to your intuition 
  • Learn and practice relaxation and visualisation techniques
  • Explore the value of a robust support network in health and illness

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for people who

  • want to stay well 
  • have symptoms that are poorly understood or explained by the medical profession
  • have chronic condition(s)
  • who are ’stuck’ in their treatment despite their best efforts
  • who are curious how the psychological, emotional and social aspects of their lives influence their health

Topics that will be covered during the course:

  • Healing state - Stress response & how to switch on the relaxation response
  • The history behind your condition - Connecting the past with the present 
  • Physiology of emotion - The importance of releasing suppressed emotions/trauma and ways of doing it safely 
  • Listening to your body and using your intuition - How to write your own diagnosis & prescription
  • Support network in health and illness and how to build one    

Structure of a typical session:                                                                    

  • Presentation and discussion of a particular topic (please see above)
  • Guided grounding exercise (breathing/meditation/relaxation/visualisation)
  • Solo exercises during the session 
  • Optional emotional homework and resources to explore

Feedback from previous participants:

I found the Inner Doctor programme to be massively beneficial and very good value for money.  I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a new approach in how to tackle their health issues.  I found it very insightful and it has given me a new enthusiasm and hope for improving my health in the future. The course was well researched and presented.   It was a good balance of new information and personal enquiry.” Karen, Winchester

I felt we were all very well supported throughout.  In particular Katya was very supportive of me when I was troubled by one of the exercises and subsequent video meditation. We were given time to ask questions and share information. I can recommend the course and I am looking forward to a follow-up!  It was also very good value.” Marion

I have been fortunate to have made great strides in my own health through my consultations with Dr Owen so this course was very welcome when it was published as being available.  The holistic knowledge imparted in this course on the connected relationship between our minds and our bodies seems to me a vital and necessary component to the self-healing process that each of us can embark on under the guidance of a holistic physician.  Teaching your patients the theoretical basis and research evidence underpinning and supporting this healing methodology to healing empowers your patients into a much better position to participate actively and fully in the improvement and healing of our ailments, illnesses towards health and well-being.  Please continue to teach this.  Thank you.  Margaret

How to enroll?

The small print 

  • Refund of 50% will be granted if  you cancel 2 full weeks in advance. 
  • Refund of 25% will be granted  if  you cancel 1 full week in advance. 
  • We will not be able to provide refunds if you cancel less than 1 full week in advance.