The benefits of supportive colleagues

4 days ago

I sometimes talk about the psychological wounds I’ve picked up as part of my professional journey eg. being harassed in conventional training when trying to help patients stand up to poor treatment or mocked by those who don’t understand the holistic approach. These wounds, paradoxically, often become the battle scars that mark the learning I’m most proud of.  Being part of a supportive group of colleagues at The Natural Practice is one way we as practitioners ‘navigate’ the challenges in our work and in this summer's newsletter we have extrapolated from our experience to the growth that patients can go through as part of their healing journey. We ask what is the deeper meaning for individuals and communities of the illnesses we are seeing and how do we ‘reframe’ in a healing way the trauma that is all around us. I invite you to ponder the deeper meaning for you behind illness and how a holistic healing journey can be one of development, growth and even transformation.

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