The Benefits of Jamsine

3 years ago by Pat Maguire

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I have recently returned from a week in Hurghada, Egypt, the country which is one of the main growers of the plant Jasmine Grandiflorum. My trip reminded of why Jasmine is one of my favourite essential oils. To harvest, pickers work through the night so the flowers are collected before dawn to avoid dissipation of the delicate, sweet fragrance; the flowers are then quickly processed. They are first extracted with hexane to obtain the concrete, then with ethanol to produce the famed absolute. One ton of fresh flowers are needed to produce three kilograms of concrete and 1.5 to two kilograms of jasmine absolute.

This amazing essential oil not only smells divine, it has some amazing health benefits:

Emotional – helps ease depression, reduces anxiety and calms the mind

Respiratory – Jasmine is also reputed to ease coughs

Childbirth – eases pain and strengthens contractions

Aphrodisiac – reduces frigidity and helps impotence

Skincare – reduces scaring and acts as a toner for oily skin

I treat all types of muscular aches, pains and sports injuries, postural issues and general stiffness around joints. Aromatherapy oils can be added to enhance your treatment so please ask if you would like more information.

The intense sweet fragrance of Jasmine is amazing and reminds me of warm summer evenings – perfect for a February massage treatment.