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23 months ago by Pat Maguire

Maguire's handmade natural face oils, created by Sports/Holistic Massage Therapist, Pat Maguire, contain a blend of sweet almond oil, chia seed oil, rosehip oil and red raspberry oil and have a great combination of moisturising, hydrating and soothing properties. These base oils are highly absorbent so will leave your face soft and smooth without clogging the pores and won't leave your skin sticky.  Oils are best applied on freshly cleansed skin. Face oils can be used under makeup although make sure any face oil has been absorbed well first. 

The following oils are available:

Unscented Face Oil

This is a combination of the above oils. It is very gentle and therefore great for sensitive skin. It can be used anytime of the day. Essential plant oils are added to enhance the benefits of the carrier/vegetable oils as listed below.

Oily Skin Blend

This is a blend of geranium and blood orange which has antibacterial benefits.  It helps to balance sebum production and reduce inflammation. It includes ylang ylang to further promote sebum balance and lime to support the properties of the orange. Eases acne prone skin. Best used in the day.

Mature Skin Blend

Contains frankincense as used by the Ancient Egyptians for perfume and cosmetics as it is reputed to tone skin. The palmarosa content has a lovely rose aroma as well as sebum balancing properties and acts as a slight antiseptic. Blood orange smells sweet and citrusy with antibacterial properties. Can be used during the day and at night.

Revitalise Blend

Contains basil sweet which is great for mental fatigue as it is stimulating and fresh. It acts as a tonic to the skin and mind. It is best used in the morning and not before bed. The lime and blood orange content have a antibacterial and antiseptic properties -  fabulous unisex face oil.

Soothing Blend

Contains patchouli essential oil which helps soothe dry itchy skin.  Other properties include an antibacterial action from the  blood orange, The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender, and the geranium gives it a floral aroma as well as balancing properties. Geranium can have a slight stimulating effect so best used in the day.  Great for men to use as an after shave treatment. 

Moisturising  Blend

Neroli and palmorosa give this oil it's hydrating and sebum balancing properties.  It also contains ylang ylang essensial oil. Neroli and ylang ylang promote relaxation!  

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