Dr Katya Mishanina's Reduced Fee Clinics

21 months ago by Dr Katya Mishanina

At The Natural Practice, we aim to make homeopathy and integrated medicine widely available to all, whatever your financial circumstances.  We therefore offer reduced fees for those who are unemployed or on a low income. Dr Katya Mishanina offers a limited number of reduced fee appointments every week. Sessions are available at both the Winchester and London clinics. 

Am I eligible?
The reduced fee service is open to all of those on a low-income e.g. students, benefit recipients, the unemployed, single parents, or those in work but on a low income.

How do I make contact?
If you would like to be considered for this service, please call our reception team on 01962 856310, email us on enquiries@thenaturalpractice.com or use our on-line enquiry form available on our website www.thenaturalpractice.com. Please indicate clearly that are you are interested in the reduced fee appointment scheme.

What happens next?
Our reception team will take some further brief details from you and make an appointment with Dr Katya Mishanina. Please note that it is practice’s policy to take a deposit for the fee for the initial consultation in full. The practice operates a 48-hour cancellation policy.   

What if my circumstances change?
Please let us know if your circumstances change and you become able to afford the full fee consultation fee.

Are reductions available on investigations, supplements or remedies?
Investigations, supplements or remedies have to be paid for in full and are not available at a reduced rate. However, if you are experiencing difficulties in paying for investigations or supplements/remedies, you could discuss this at your appointment with Dr Katya Mishanina and she will help you come up with the most cost efficient treatment plan.

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