Homeopathy For Preconception, Pregnancy, Childbirth & Babies by Dr Katya Mishanina

2 years ago by Dr Katya Mishanina

Homeopaths generally view pregnancy and childbirth as a period of time needing little intervention, using remedies only if they are required.  Homeopathy can be very effective, both as an adjunct to other therapies and as an alternative when other therapies seem inappropriate, especially when women want to avoid potential side effects of drugs while carrying their babies.

In pregnancy, homeopathy can help at various stages. In the beginning of pregnancy it can help with morning sickness and tiredness.  Later in pregnancy it can be used for indigestion and constipation as well as complaints such as backache, varicose veins and haemorrhoids.  Women who had previous traumatic delivery experiences often find it useful to go over the experience and “process” suppressed emotions in a supportive consultation.  

A number of mothers use remedies to help them in childbirth, both during natural birth and Caesarean section. As it is difficult to know what remedies might be required in childbirth, we usually give some general advice and combine it with a childbirth kit of remedies that can be used during or immediately after labour as required.  Many midwives are familiar with the use of homeopathic remedies in pregnancy and labour and they can be integrated into a birth plan.

Postnatally, homeopathic remedies can help with healing, establishing and helping with breastfeeding difficulties, breast milk production and sore and cracked nipples. Post-natal depression (PND) is a common and distressing condition for the new mothers, their babies and the family life overall.  It is very important for women suffering from PND to understand that they are not alone and help is available in many ways: from counselling, medication and complementary therapies.

For newborn babies homeopathy is useful after a shock of delivery, bruising after instrumental/prolonged delivery, and later in colic, teething and fever. 

We also see women and couples seeking advice on preconception care in order to optimise their health and nutritional status.   This may combine nutritional assessment and what we homeopathically refer to as miasmatic treatment.  This focuses on the treatment of non-genetic but inherited susceptibility to illness and is particularly used for the prevention of allergies when there is a strong family history. 

If you are interested in getting homeopathic treatment preconception, during pregnancy, before childbirth or postnatally, please book an appointment with Dr Katya Mishanina by calling our reception team on 01962 856310 or emailing enquiries@thenaturalpractice.com.  

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