Hidden Treasures

11 days ago

The cave we fear to enter holds the treasures we seek.’   Joseph Campbell

In our recent podcast (click here to listen) we discuss trauma and the different ways in which we can support clients to work through this. Processing trauma is uncomfortable. That is why it is suppressed and stored in the body and the subconscious mind in order to survive.

However at some point it will demand to be processed and it will shout louder until we listen to it.

The importance of a safe place to share this cannot be underestimated. But the benefits of moving through it are similarly inestimable.

In homeopathy we sometimes use gem remedies to treat the effects of old trauma.

Peter Tumminello says,

‘The production of gemstones is an alchemic/transformational process in itself. Dull and ordinary rocks are heated, brought together and subjected to stupendous heat and pressure within the crucible of the Earth, during which time they are purified and transformed into a structure of lasting beauty that is able to receive light and express it with its own characteristic virtues.’

That jewel is buried beneath many protective layers. But it is there waiting to be released ‘out of the darkness and into the light’.

Gabriella Day