Fatigue Following Covid-19

12 months ago by Dr Tim Foster

One of the striking features of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak seems to be the wide range of symptoms it can cause, and the marked variation in how the illness affects people. We know that some people have the virus without developing any symptoms at all, whereas other people may be overwhelmed by the infection. As more people experience the illness we are learning more about the different ways in which it can make people unwell.

One thing that is becoming clearer, is that some people who have had COVID-19 experience profound fatigue, which may persist after they have recovered from other symptoms of the infection. This seems to be particularly true for patients who have previously had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or are already fatigued as part of a pre existing condition. We know that this is a reaction that can be seen after many other illnesses, (for example, it is relatively common after Glandular Fever), but we know little of why this particular problem hits some people and not others. It may be that people are more likely to be left with fatigue symptoms if their COVID-19 illness lasts over a longer period, or if they were in a run-down state before the onset of the illness.

It is often difficult, for people who are left with fatigue after infections, to find the best path to full recovery. There are few conventional medicines that help and the usual advice is for people to try to gradually pace their return to activity, but it can be hard to judge how to do this in the best way.

The practitioners at The Natural Practice have considerable experience in seeing people who are left with fatigue following infections. We know, from this experience, that different people have found a whole range of health approaches useful in aiding their recovery. If you either have pre-existing fatigue or have come through COVID-19 but been left significantly fatigued then do get in touch to arrange an appointment