Dr Ridsdale and Dr Dyson attend College of Medicine "Food on Prescription" conference

2 years ago

Dr Patricia Ridsdale and Dr Ruth Dyson attended the College of Medicine Food on Prescription conference on 24th October 2019, held at the Royal Society of Medicine.

The conference was introduced by HRH The Prince of Wales via video. It was the first conference bringing together farmers and food producers with health professionals. The day was chaired by Sir Sam Everington, inspiring GP from Bromley By Bow.

Highlights were Patrick Holden from the Sustainable Food Trust, who spoke passionately about his love and care for the soil and his herd of 80 Ayrshire cows, and Dr James Fleming, a GP from Burnley, who brought with him 10 primary school children to discuss their lessons in nutrition, making weekly meals to take home and inspire better nutrition.

Dr Ridsdale took part in the 1 minute soap box presentation advocating for "real food, no sugar and fibre", (which of you have heard that before!)

The day was uplifting, positive and inspirational to work together to improve health care via better nutrition for all.


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